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feefo review

Industry award for consistently excellent customer reviews.

Budget Direct Insurance has received a prestigious and independent Trusted Service award 2018 for consistently delivering an exceptional service experience as rated by real customers.

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gong awards

Budget Direct Insurance wins top award for hard-hitting advertising campaign.

An innovative advertising campaign from online insurer, Budget Direct Insurance, has bagged two major marketing awards.

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simon birch

How the customer wins - Budget Direct Insurance CEO Simon Birch

It’s no secret that Budget Direct Insurance CEO Simon Birch used to hate insurance. His answer? Start a smarter insurance company – one that is exciting to work for and much better for customers who buy insurance.

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cheap car insurance

Car insurance. Is it possible to be cheap AND good?

We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for.’ If you apply this to car insurance does that mean cheaper insurance offers less protection?

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Free $20 shopping voucher

Free $20 shopping voucher OR 5% discount. It’s happening Singapore!

It’s fun to share things with friends. Unless it’s food pictures or relationship status updates on Facebook, then maybe not so much…

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instalment payment

Pay your insurance by monthly instalments. At no extra cost.

Introducing our latest 0% interest instalment payment plan! At Budget Direct Insurance we like to give you options and that includes how you pay for your insurance.

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budget direct office

Better by design. Budget Direct Insurance team’s cool spaces

The team at Budget Direct Insurance has gone all-out to create a workplace that hums. Quirky private phone booths and a reception area that resembles a car mechanic’s garage – these are some of the cool design details that make up the Budget Direct Insurance office space.

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make sock puppet

Lonely socks? Make a sock puppet, make a kid laugh!

You can learn a lot from children, patience being high on the list. With kids come crafts, and creating something together can make for great memories. So how about putting your lonely socks to use to make a sock puppet? But before we start, let’s find out why socks go missing…

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sock puppets

Sock Puppets and more. Quick history of puppets through the ages

The art of puppetry was born in India as far back as 1000 B.C. These puppets can trace their colourful roots back to Indian morality tales, when they were two-dimensional and highly decorated.

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lincoln yeo

Relax! I’m your Budget Direct claims manager

When you call Budget Direct Insurance to make a claim, you need a claims advisor who understands that you’re most likely stressed and in need of a sympathetic ear. And some results.

Meet the cool, calm and collected Lincoln Yeo.

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ai qing

Let’s dance! Who at Budget Direct Insurance likes to boogie?

Ever wanted to know more about the person behind the voice when you call to get a Budget Direct quote for your Car or Travel insurance?

Lim Aiqing, is a Customer Care Executive at Budget Direct. As a member of the call centre team, Aiqing could be the person you are chatting to on your next call.

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simon birch

Shop smarter pay less Budget Direct Insurance CEO Simon Birch

Simon Birch admits he used to hate insurance. Instead of walking away, he’s spent his life fighting for a better deal for people who work for him and customers who buy insurance. We ask the tough questions to which Singaporeans want answers.

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loganathan agoram

What Mahatma Gandhi knows about the Budget Direct Insurance Team in Singapore

Ever wondered who are you really speaking to when you call to get a Budget Direct quote for your Car or Travel insurance?

Meet Loganathan Agoram, Customer Care Executive at Budget Direct. As a member of the call centre team, Loganathan could very well be the guy you find yourself chatting to on your next call.

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