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How the customer wins Budget Direct Insurance CEO Simon Birch

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Simon Birch

It’s no secret that Budget Direct Insurance CEO Simon Birch used to hate insurance. His answer? Start a smarter insurance company – one that is exciting to work for and much better for customers who buy insurance.

This is the second part of our meaningful conversation with Simon Birch. We’ll ask if Budget Direct Insurance customers really get a better deal? We’ll also talk about the questions you should ask before you buy.

1. What do you want for the customers of this company?

Let’s be honest. Insurance is an admin thing. It's that thing you remember you have to do. It’s a quick thought. ‘Oh, I have to renew my car insurance!’ or ‘I’m about to leave the country, I need travel insurance.’

Insurance should make life better not worse. If you’ve had a car accident, or got sick abroad, you shouldn’t have to waste energy fighting your insurance company. Insurance can be fast, simple and affordable. A positive transaction in every respect.

At Budget Direct Insurance we’ve kicked out all the nonsense that makes insurance miserable and expensive for the customer – no agents’ commission, no incentive trips for the most insurance sold, no golf games and fancy dinners. The customer shouldn’t have to carry all this weight.

2. You are well known for believing that buying insurance direct is better for the customer, why is this?

People use the internet to save time and money – so buying insurance direct and online makes perfect sense. You can get a car or travel insurance quote in less than a minute. You can have your policy agreed and ready in less time than it takes to get your favourite at the local kopitiam. It’s way cheaper, and you don’t have to sit for ages with ‘uncle’ insurance while he tries to sell you stuff you don’t need.

3. What is the best thing one of your team has ever said to you?

That coming to work is a joy, it feels like family. Yes, it can be rewarding working in insurance. We help people who are trying to figure things out, or who are having a hard time. It's worth doing. Our environment is all-for-one and one-for-all. We look after each other and our customers. This keeps us motivated and a lot happier

4. What is the one thing people don’t understand about insurance?

You could be paying less for a better service. If you are buying from an agent, you are not the centre of the relationship. The agent is. The agent can only sell you the products he or she represents. The agent makes more money if you buy things you don’t need. Before you buy, ask yourself these questions -

  • 1. Am I being told that insurance is too complicated for me to understand?
  • 2. Do I pay the same if I buy direct or through an agent?
  • 3. Does this company make it easy for me to buy or renew my policy online?
  • 4. If I need to claim, will I speak to the same person throughout the process?

Look out for the third part of our conversation with Simon Birch. We’ll ask how smart technology keeps costs down for customers. We’ll also talk about how Budget Direct Insurance was founded, and the other companies Simon respects.

Final Tip? Protect your car and travel plans, buy online and save with Budget Direct Insurance