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Better by design Budget Direct Insurance team’s cool spaces

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The team at Budget Direct Insurance has gone all-out to create a workplace that hums. Quirky private phone booths and a reception area that resembles a car mechanic’s garage – these are some of the cool design details that make up the Budget Direct Insurance office space.

Inspired by the insurance company’s ethos of offering a customer experience that is both friendly and one-of-a-kind, this office flies in the face of insurance industry conventions.

We speak to one of the Budget Direct Insurance team who had a passionate role in making it happen… Jessie Koh, Head of Human Resources for Budget Direct Insurance

Welcoming, professional, fun vibes

Jessie worked closely alongside designers from Kyoob-id, she explains:

“The Kyoob-id team understood we didn’t want to look like another run-of-the-mill stodgy insurance office and could work with a tight budget! We wanted a cosy pantry that was spacious and centrally located, an inviting place everyone would walk past.

jessie koh

Working together

“Collaboration is a big thing for the team here at Budget Direct Insurance. There are a couple of breakout areas that can be used for short discussions. We also wanted enough space between desks so you could pull a chair over to your colleague and work together. We have no personal offices – it’s just not our culture and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the view! We have floor to ceiling windows looking out to beautiful trees.”

Supporting local businesses

“Throughout this project, we also made an effort to support many online local furniture/lifestyle companies. It helped to keep costs low and I could easily find interesting items to inject the local culture into our décor.”

A great space for the right people

“I really enjoy working in this space, open concept has its pros and cons but to be able to easily reach out to my colleagues and not feel like I am working in a box is important to me. It is always a work in progress. As the team grows, we will keep the set up flexible. We picked out workstations that were modular and furniture that could be easily moved. Ultimately my goal was to create an environment to attract the right type of person to work here and contribute to the overall vibe of the office.”

We hope you enjoyed finding out what inspired the design of the Budget Direct Insurance offices.

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