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Let’s dance! Who at Budget Direct Insurance likes to boogie?

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ai qing

Ever wanted to know more about the person behind the voice when you call to get a Budget Direct quote for your Car or Travel insurance?

Lim Aiqing, is a Customer Care Executive at Budget Direct. As a member of the call centre team, Aiqing could be the person you are chatting to on your next call.

From Zumba to Chicken Rice we discover what inspires this energetic executive.

What does great service mean to you Aiqing?

Great service comes from your heart, building a rapport with customers and also being with them the moment they need you. If we lose one customer, potentially we lose many more through word of mouth. We want to know our customers well because we are in it for the long term.

What makes you good at your job?

For me, perseverance and patience are key factors.

Have any personal experiences helped you to be better at your job?

I was 15 and staying at an overseas Girl Guides’ camp when I injured myself and had to see a medic everyday. The volunteer doctors and nurses never failed to make me feel comfortable while trying to ‘fix’ me up. From this, I learnt that we should always look to provide service with sincerity and care, regardless of people’s language or nationality.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the people working here and the camaraderie of our office life is amazing!

It is also important to find a good work/life balance. But that is interesting because everybody at Budget Direct is like family!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I attend dance classes such as Bollywood and Zumba after work. I also have a mini-schnauzer named Tracie, we go for discovery walks around my area. I visit the museums in Singapore and other countries to understand the culture and history of each.

What’s your favourite dish?

Chicken rice. I like my chicken rice with loads of tangy red chili sauce dip. It’s easy to get anywhere, anytime in Singapore. The rice and chili can definitely make or break the dish though!

And your dream car?

Tesla Model 3 – it’s got loads of new technology plus an autopilot function. Good for me because I do not have a driving licence yet! More seriously, it appeals to me as an electric car with good performance, range, looks. And it’s more affordable. Definitely the car of the future.

Your favourite destination?

I’d love to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights; they’re expected to fade and appear less frequently over the next ten years. I’d like to go before the end of next year.

We hope you enjoyed finding out what inspires Aiqing.

Get a Budget Direct Insurance quote on your Car, Motorcycle and Travel insurance. We promise you won’t look back.

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