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Lonely socks? Make a sock puppet, make a kid laugh!

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You can learn a lot from children, patience being high on the list. With kids come crafts, and creating something together can make for great memories. So how about putting your lonely socks to use to make a sock puppet? But before we start, let’s find out why socks go missing…

Mystery of the lonely sock explained (by science)

At Budget Direct Insurance we care about the little things. We think that little things can make a big difference. Take your lonely sock pile. We all have one. Research by washing machine giant Samsung found that lost socks in the UK cost the Brits £2 billion a year!

Samsung put a team of scientists and psychologists to work to solve the puzzle of the missing sock. This is what they found:

mystery of missing socks

So now you know.

How to make a super-easy sock puppet

If you are a fan of the Muppets, you’ll know how much fun a puppet can be. The Muppets are so popular with kids and adults alike that they even got to meet Michelle Obama. Nice!

Puppets have come a long way since they were first developed in India, possibly as long ago as 1000 B.C. You can now buy sock puppet craft kits filled with clean and fresh, brightly coloured socks and lots of other sparkly, googly-eyed bits.

We say who needs an over-priced kit? Let’s cut out the middle man and make our own. It costs less, and it’s way more fun.

What you need

  • At least one child (it’ll be more fun, trust us!)
  • One lonely sock
  • One sewing needle and thread
  • Craft glue
  • Two buttons (mismatched or twins, take your pick)
  • Some wool (for hair)


  1. Put the sock on your child’s hand so that their fingers are in the toe and their thumb is in the heel.
  2. As you child makes the puppet talk, ask them to point out where its eyes should be.
  3. Sew on two buttons for eyes.
  4. Decide what kind of hair-do you want. Smart bob? Wild man of the woods? Cut your wool to size. Gather it in a centre parting and secure with a piece of wool tied around the middle.
  5. Glue the hair onto the sock using the center parting as an anchor. Leave to dry; you can then make it more secure by sewing the hair in the place.
  6. Now you and your kid can go wild…

“What your puppet becomes depends on you. Think eyes, hair, ears, hats, moustaches, beards, eyebrows, noses, collars, neckties, shirts and dresses.” Tiffany McCoy, 4-H Technology

Something to think about

In 2013, scientists Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. C. Sue Carter and authored a well-researched article called The Biochemistry of Love. They explained, “Without loving relationships, humans fail to flourish, even if all of their other needs are met.”

In short, the time we spend together (presence) is more valuable than expensive gifts (presents).

Final Tip?

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Insurance + middle man + commission = expensive + complicated

Insurance + online direct = cheaper + quicker

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