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Relax! I’m your Budget Direct claims manager

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lincoln yeo

When you call Budget Direct Insurance to make a claim, you need a claims advisor who understands that you’re most likely stressed and in need of a sympathetic ear. And some results.

Meet the cool, calm and collected Lincoln Yeo. He is the man behind the Budget Direct Insurance claims team. When you call to make a claim, one of his team will help get you back on track as quickly and smoothly as possible.

From black pepper crab to Ho Chi Minh City, we find out what makes this inspirational executive tick…

What does great service mean to you Lincoln?

Making a claim usually comes after a stressful event and we need to treat our customers with care and sensitivity. We don’t want to keep them waiting either. They want to get their claim sorted as soon as possible and we’re here to make sure that happens.

Have any personal experiences helped you to be better at your job?

Yes, I was involved in a road traffic accident. I have to say, the service I received from my insurer wasn’t very good. I was kept in the dark. There was a distinct lack of communication from them. So I see things from the customer’s viewpoint. I have a much better understanding of what a claims customer needs, especially after a car accident. At Budget Direct Insurance it’s all about keeping our customers in the loop, letting them know the status of their claim and keeping them updated to help lessen the stress.

What do you like about working at Budget Direct Insurance?

When it comes to working at Budget Direct Insurance, I like the management style and open working environment. The office is open-plan and we’re able to communicate easily. It’s cosy and I feel at home here especially since the wall colours are similar to those in my own place!

What do you like most about your job?

I’m enjoying the opportunity of setting up a claims team from scratch and working with a good management team. I’m also exposed to the complete line of business from motor to travel.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy watching movies. And of course taking my wife and daughter on a date!

What’s your favourite dish?

It has to be Black Pepper Crab.

What would be your dream car?

My dream car changes from time to time but next on my list would be a Mercedes Benz CLA. Why not?

Your favourite destination?

I would have to say Vietnam, as this is where my wife comes from! I go to Ho Chi Minh City often. I also enjoy Thailand because it’s a shopping and food paradise. My next dream destination would be Japan.

We hope you enjoyed finding out what inspires Lincoln.

Get a Budget Direct Insurance quote on your Car, Motorcycle and Travel cover. We promise you won’t look back.

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