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What Mahatma Gandhi knows about the Budget Direct Insurance Team in Singapore

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Ever wondered who are you really speaking to when you call to get a Budget Direct quote for your Car or Travel insurance?

Meet Loganathan Agoram, Customer Care Executive at Budget Direct. As a member of the call centre team, Loganathan could very well be the guy you find yourself chatting to on your next call.

From Mahatma Gandhi to Foosball, we find out what makes this inspirational executive tick…

What does great service mean to you, Loganathan?

“A customer is not dependent on us.
We are dependent on him.
A customer is not an interruption in our work.
He is the purpose of it.
A customer is not an outsider in our business
He is part of it.
We are not doing him a favor by serving him.
He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

This is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. I came across it on a poster while I was in little India waiting for a bus. I have been inspired by it ever since.

What are the personal qualities that make you good at your job?

I have five rules – I call them ‘Rules of Palm’:

  1. Patience. To me this is the most important rule. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned customers become frustrated and confused. My patience helps ensure that customers’ needs are met and the situation remains calm.
  2. Paying Attention. Be it sales or after-sales service, I need to pay attention to what customers really require. That means I won’t sell a product that a customer doesn’t need. It also puts me in a better position to address any issues they face.
  3. Persuasion. It’s not about forcing customers to buy a product. I want to try and change a customer’s curiosity about a product into a successful sale.
  4. Product Knowledge. The more I know, the better equipped I am to tend to the needs of my customers.
  5. Learning Attitude. Our willingness to learn is the key to success in life. And the best teacher in our life is our daily experiences. With the right attitude, one can unlock great achievement.

Have you had any personal experiences that have helped you to be better at your job?

When I was working in DBS Bank, a customer’s husband passed away. She was going through a very tough time. She came to close her husband’s account and I helped with all the paper work. Once everything was settled, she came down with her daughter and thanked me for everything. It made my day. That’s when I realised that it doesn’t matter if we achieve great things in life, we just need to do even the smallest things with great passion. Since that day I always work with lots of passion, no matter what I’m doing.

Have you ever had to overcome any challenges or difficulties in your life that have made you a stronger and better person?

My dad passed away when I was 20 years old. As I was the only child it meant that I had to be strong for my mum. The passing of my dad was the biggest loss to me, and the hardest situation I’ve ever faced. From then on nothing else was as tough for me to face. I also realized that human life is fragile, so I started to treasure everyone around me, regardless of whether they were my family members, friends, or colleagues.

Have you ever had any strange or funny requests from customers?

While I was working at DBS Bank, many customers praised me for my handwriting. However, one customer was so impressed she asked me to write a few words on paper so that she could show her kids how to write neatly!

What do you like about working at the Budget Direct office?

I love playing Foosball! It’s a great indoor game. Every day without fail I play with my colleagues. It’s good bonding time. The team is like a family to me. And the environment is very chilled and friendly.

I also enjoy the sincere appreciation that I get from managers and colleagues. A heartfelt thanks goes a long way!

What would be your dream car?

Lamborghini. It’s history makes it my dream car. Originally, Ferruccio Lamborghini produced only tractors. He owned Maseratis and Ferraris but was not happy with their performance. He visited Enzo Ferrari to tell him about his frustrations with Ferrari Cars. But Enzo had no time for him as he was just a mere tractor manufacturer. After that, Ferruccio decided to build the ultimate sports car himself, the Lamborghini!

To me it’s not just a car. It’s a symbol of hard work and perseverance

Your favourite travel destination?

New York, Wall Street. The world’s most important financial institutions are located here. It’s a very dynamic place where everyone is busy 24/7. The place is an example of the tagline “money never sleeps”.

We hope you have enjoyed finding out what inspires Loganathan.

Get a Budget Direct Insurance quote on your Car, Motorcycle and Travel insurance. We promise you won’t look back.

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