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Driving School vs Private Instructor

Getting a driver’s licence in Singapore? Should you go to a driving centre or get private lessons?

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Get a Super Speedy, Easy and More Secure Car Insurance Quote Using Myinfo via Singpass

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Learning to drive and getting a driving licence in Singapore

5 Tips to Get a Driving Licence in Singapore | Budget Direct

Here’s a step-by-step guide to taking your driving test and getting your driving licence in Singapore

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Student Driver Taking Driving Test

10 Tips To Pass Singapore’s Practical Driving Test Your First Time | Budget Direct

Here’s a step-by-step guide to taking your driving test and getting your driving licence in Singapore

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Top Driving Schools in Singapore | Budget Direct

Thinking about getting your Singapore Class 3/3A driver’s licence? Singapore Police helpfully publishes statistics about the pass-rates for students from the three driving centres (Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre, as well as private instructors).

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When to Get Booster Seats For Your Child | Budget Direct

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents are the leading cause of death in children aged between four and eight. Booster seats have been found to play a part in protecting children in this age group from serious injury.

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Free shopping vouchers. Great discounts.Refer a friend today!

Get free e-shopping vouchers for you and your friends when you Bring a Buddy!

It’s fun to share with friends. Whether it’s sharing a meal or food pictures or relationship status updates on social media. At Budget Direct Insurance we like to give e-shopping vouchers to say THANK YOU for sharing a good deal and referring your friends to us.

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invite friend

Invite a friend! 4 brilliant ways to relax and play #fomo

You get a $20 e-shopping voucher for every Buddy who buys an annual policy using your referral link. Your buddies will receive up to $50 in e-shopping vouchers when they buy any policy.

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Child car seats and boosters in Singapore. The full facts

Child Car Seats & Boosters Facts Singapore | Budget Direct

When it comes to car seats, there is no excuse for compromising your child’s safety. Find out all you need to know about choosing the most appropriate car seats, boosters and restraints for your little one.

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Blue SG

Are electric cars economical in Singapore?

How much does it cost to own an electric car in Singapore? Do the economics of buying and running an electric vehicle here stack up? Find out more

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best electric cars singapore

Is it worth switching to an electric car?

The best electric cars in Singapore. Is it time to come clean and go electric? Save the planet and your cash. Find out more.

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Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is full of Korean drama. Should you get one?

Trust the Koreans to bring the drama and excitement from the television screens and into the cars that roll off their production lines. The Hyundai Kona. Should you buy one? Honest car reviews for Singapore motorists.

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hybrid car

Hybrid car. Ahhh the bliss!

Put simply, a hybrid car is one that runs on two powertrains, an electric motor and a regular engine. Both work seamlessly in various situations to offer maximum fuel efficiency, hence ‘hybrid’. Awesome!

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kia niro

Kia Niro. In love with the shape?

Hybrid cars are hot. As are crossovers, which are selling like hot cakes, except with a higher price tag! Now, say hello to a new combo – the shapely Kia Niro. So what’s it all about, and should you buy one?

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Renault Zoe

Unsure about electric? The Renault Zoe may change your mind

We all know electric cars are the future but we also have valid concerns about reliability, battery lifespan and access to charging points. But one car might just be the nudge we need. Check out the new Renault Zoe.

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