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Hyundai i30

Hatchback, wagon or fastback? Find your Hyundai i30 match

If the styling of the new-generation Hyundai i30 comes across as somewhat European despite its Korean DNA, that is because it is indeed designed, developed, tested and manufactured in Europe.

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E-scooter accidents

E-scooter accidents. Jaw-dropping footage caught on dashcam

Let’s face it, many Singaporeans are embracing the e-scooter because it’s fast, convenient, beats the heat and is cheaper than a car. And who can blame them? But sometimes their trips take them somewhere totally unexpected: the A&E.

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caught driving without car insurance

What happens if you get caught driving without car insurance?

The answer may be obvious to many but others may still ponder. What if you drive around without car insurance? And why would you risk it?

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Toyota vs Honda

Toyota v Honda. Same price but which one should you buy?

Singaporean motorists love Toyota and Honda more than any other car make. That’s according to a recently released comparison of the most popular cars in Singapore by ValueChampion, based on new car registration data for 2017 from the Land Transport Authority.

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Toyota Vios vs Honda Jazz

Between the Toyota Vios and Honda Jazz, which is worth buying?

Toyota and Honda came out tops in a recently released comparison of the most popular car makes in Singapore by consumer researchers ValueChampion, based on new car registration data for 2017 from the Land Transport Authority.

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monsoon season singapore

Shower your car with some love and attention before the rain gets to it

Ahead of Singapore’s Northeast Monsoon season, it pays to take some precautionary measures to ensure that you and your motor are well-prepared.

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Skoda Kodiaq

Can simple also be smart? Ask the Skoda Kodiaq.

Skoda may not be as familiar to local car buyers as its sister brand, Volkswagen, but the marque that hails from the Czech Republic is one of the oldest automobile companies alongside names such as Daimler, Opel and Peugeot.

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preventing hot car deaths

Preventing hot car deaths in Singapore. What you need to know.

Leaving a child or pet in the car can result in heatstroke which can be life-threatening.

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COE reduction

Compare new car prices in Singapore after latest COE reduction

Unlike anywhere in the world, Singaporean car buyers are placed in a quandary when it comes to buying a car. While buyers in other countries only need to pay the purchase price...

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C-HR a Toyota

Is the C-HR a Toyota quite unlike any other? Find out.

Toyota cars have always been a popular choice among drivers who are simply looking for something reliable that gets them from point A to B. Those who are more design-driven usually look somewhere else.

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new car

Go easy on your new car. Expert tips.

Congratulations on your new car! Being able to afford such an expensive asset in Singapore means you have well and truly arrived!

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car insurance for married drivers

Is car insurance cheaper if you’re married?

Marriage may not always be a bed of roses, but there are distinct advantages to tying the knot. For one, research shows that married couples tend to have lower chances of incurring dementia and serious illnesses like cancer.

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parking-related offences in Singapore

New Singapore hotline makes it easier to report other drivers for parking offences

All parking-related offences can now be reported via a common hotline -- 1800-338-6622. This includes offences such as illegal parking, non-display of coupons and non-activation of digital parking sessions.

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Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore

Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore. Find out why.

Did you know that women in Singapore get cheaper car insurance and can pay up to nearly 14% less for their premium than men?

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Buying a used car in Singapore

Buying a used car in Singapore. Tell-tale signs it’s been in an accident

You may have spotted the car you’ve always wanted in the classifieds but the lower than low sticker price sometimes make you wonder whether things are too good to be true.

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car insurance how easy to switch

How easy is it to switch your car insurer in Singapore? Find out

Aiyoh… you discover you’re over-paying for your current car insurance policy and you’d like to get more bang for your buck. Should you consider scouting around for a new car insurer? Read on…

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premium petrol singapore

Is premium petrol worth the price?

When we hear ‘premium’, we think of something of the best quality. And when it comes to fuel, premium fuel should be the choice fuel for our car. Or is it?

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smoking in your car

Smoking in your car. Is it allowed in Singapore?

There have been tons of reports on the dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke. If you don't already know this… secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 substances, some of which are known to cause cancer in humans and animals.

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safe drivers pay less

Safe drivers pay less for motor insurance. But how much can you really save?

Sitting behind the wheel of a car the number one priority is to drive safely and with focus - to protect your own life and the lives of those around you.

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best electric cars singapore

Is it worth switching to an electric car?

Are you still driving a regular ol’ petrol/diesel car? Maybe it’s time for a change. Because change is going to save you money.

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caught on dashcam

In a hurry? Here’s what NOT to do. Caught on dashcam!

Impatient motorists drive us mad. The Singapore online forums are filled with irate motorists complaining about impatient, inconsiderate drivers. The roads are teeming with drivers in too much of a hurry and happy to take crazy risks to get ahead of the crowd.

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Kia Cerato K3

The Kia Cerato K3 is handsome but how well does it perform?

Meet the K3 from the front and you will be greeted by the business-like stare of the prominent nose, large headlamps and new bumper, a far cry from the unassertive looks of its rivals like the Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic and the Toyota Altis.

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using handphone sg law

Using a handphone inside your car. What you need to know

Confused about the rules and Singapore law regarding the use of mobile devices whilst in your car? You’re not alone.

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Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is full of Korean drama. Should you get one?

The Koreans have taken the same vim and vigour from the K-Pop scene and engineered that into their cars for a drive you might soon be raving about…

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Volkswagen Golf TSI

The new Volkswagen Golf TSI. A pint-sized powerhouse or a pushover? Find out.

Everything loveable about the Golf hatchback is now available with an economical 1.0-litre engine.

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warranty restriction

New rules take the sting out of car servicing costs

At the end of 2017 the Competition Commission of Singapore announced that it would prevent car dealers from locking owners into in-house servicing by voiding the warranties of vehicles that have been serviced elsewhere.

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singapore tunnel

Drive safe in Singapore’s tunnels. Here’s what you need to know.

While tunnels here are constructed with high safety standards, there is a chance that you might get into a collision with another vehicle or that your car may break down in a tunnel.

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common car accidents

Most common car accidents in Singapore. Does motor insurance cover you?

Getting involved in a car accident is not only traumatic for the physical injuries it can cause you, it also comes with financial costs.

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ramadan drive safely

Drive safely while fasting during Ramadan in Singapore. Get expert tips.

May 17th is the start of Ramadan. This is a holy month for Muslims, marked by prayers and fasting from dawn till dusk.

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driving simulation singapore

Training Singapore’s learner motorists, virtually

You’ll be pleased to hear that road traffic fatalities have been at a steady decline since 2010. In 2017, the fatality rate per 100,000 persons fell to 2.17, from 2.51 in 2016.

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dashboard clutter

The real dangers of dashboard clutter in Singapore.

It is hardly surprising that many people choose to personalise or decorate the interior of their car; it is, after all, an extension of their personal space and people can spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles.

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caught on dashcam

Dashcam videos to restore your faith in Singapore motorists

We’re always inundated with dashcam videos of crazy Singapore drivers causing all sorts of mayhem on our roads.

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driving offences singapore

Traffic fines in Singapore are on the rise. Find out the penalties for common driving offences.

Driving carelessly is no laughing matter. It could cost you anything from a fine to even imprisonment.

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Singapore motoring offences in Malaysia

Singapore motoring offences in Malaysia. Don’t get caught out!

We’ve all known that affronted feeling when facing a traffic offence and fine – it couldn’t have been me, I wasn’t speeding, I didn’t run that red light.

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parking rage sg

Clamp down on parking rage. Carparks that drive Singaporeans round the bend.

Parking rage. It’s a thing and it appears to be getting worse in Singapore. Most of us have been there… We’ve waited patiently for a spot only for someone to snatch it right from under us. It’s triggering.

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tech singpapore parking

Tech is transforming Singapore’s parking schemes. Find out how.

No more season parking tags or carpark tailgaters. These are just some of the latest hi-tech initiatives that are transforming how we park in Singapore.

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chinese cars

Chinese cars are coming. A good thing for car lovers?

Singapore’s love for branded goods is well-known, and the car market is no exception. Chinese-made cars may soon be high on the list of ‘must haves’.

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cheap and good possible

Cheap and good. Not possible? Let’s hear it from our customers.

Insurance companies like to talk and talk but at Budget Direct Insurance we believe our customers have far more interesting things to say…

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Off-Peak Cars

Dangers of driving in the dark in Singapore and how to stay safe.

Singapore may be well-known for its high-octane Formula 1 Night Race, but for the regular motorist driving at night is not without its own special risks. In the dark visibility is reduced, as is the ability to judge speed and distance.

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manual vs automatic

Manuals versus automatics in Singapore. Which one is right up your street?

What do our cars really say about us? Just a convenient way to get around or a statement about who we are?

The make, model, colour and transmission of a car may say volumes about its driver. The way it’s driven may also give some clues.

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cheap car servicing

How to get a cheaper car service in Singapore

It’s hardly a news flash: Owning a car in Singapore is expensive.

Canny car owners save money where they can, and servicing is one area where there are savings to be made – with some caveats.

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easiest cars to park in singapore

The Easiest Cars to Park in Singapore

Let’s be honest, coaxing your car into a cosy parking lot can rev up your blood pressure. It’s especially nerve-wrecking during peak hours when impatient eyes are all on you. And don’t even get us started on parallel lots by the road side.

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car on fire

What to do if your car catches fire in Singapore.

Car fires are thankfully rare. But they can be extremely dangerous and distressing. Get expert tips on what to do and how to make a car insurance claim should the worst happen.

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Is it cheaper to own a car or use Grab? Get the facts here.

Technological disruption is changing the way we live. Only a decade ago a chauffeur-driven car was a fantasy for most of us, but now with Grab it is an everyday reality. It’s cheap too. Cheaper than owning a car in Singapore - one of the world’s most expensive country’s for motors?

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accident with a foreign motorist

Accident with a foreign motorist. Your stress-free guide.

There is more than one version of a bad day. And a car accident can be particularly stressful, especially when it’s an accident with a foreign motorist.

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cover hail damage in singapore

Does your car insurance cover hail damage in Singapore?

Insuring your car against hail damage in tropical Singapore is not something you’d expect to be on your radar. But it does happen. And hail stones can cause serious damage to your car. So, does your car insurance cover such damage?

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Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars. Insurance dream or nightmare for customers?

Most car drivers think they are very skilled. Numerous independent studies show that approximately 70 percent of drivers rate their skills behind the wheel as above average. And before you think that means 30 percent claimed to be below par, one Irish study found that while 69 percent rated themselves above average.

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driving over the border

Driving over the border. What you need to know

Taking a road trip to Malaysia, and even up to Thailand, shouldn’t be underestimated as a viable travel choice. If you have young children or don’t like flying, it can be an ideal solution.

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toyota vios

The new Toyota Vios. Easy on your wallet?

The Toyota Vios has remained one of the best-selling cars in Singapore thanks to its incredible reliability and decent quality. And we have every faith in the newly launched 2018 model too.

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invite a friend

Invite a friend! 4 brilliant ways to relax and play #fomo

#fomo. Fear of Missing Out. We don’t like being on the outside when the fun is somewhere better.

We love being with our friends, especially when you can find a brilliant way to spend the weekend. So why not make something great happen? Here are 4 brilliant ways to invite a friend to relax and play in Singapore.

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toyota wish

Toyota Wish. A Dream Come True?

There comes a point in every man’s life when you have to concede that you are no longer the virile young chap you used to be. Instead, you’ve done national service and produced a couple of offspring.

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dangers of driving abroad

Understanding the real dangers of driving abroad

Reports of back-to-back fatalities involving Singaporeans driving overseas have hit the headlines once again.

The release of a new report shows that Singapore is ranked fourth among Asian countries whose drivers were involved in fatal and injury crashes in New Zealand.

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car value depreciation

How much is your car really worth?

Owning a car is exciting. If you are Singaporean, acquiring one would mean you have achieved one of the 5 coveted Cs. But don’t forget while a car is an asset; it is also a depreciating one.

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car insurance flood damage

Warning! Check your car insurance. Does it cover flood damage?

A report by independent researchers, ValuePenguin, found that not all insurers automatically cover this as part of their standard insurance package, despite the fact that we live in a tropical climate where floods can often occur.

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Windscreen repairs

Windscreen repairs. Are you covered?

If you have ever broken a finger or a toe, you will know that small things can create a bigger than expected hassle. Take windscreen repairs, a small stone on a fast highway can mean your car is out of action while you figure out how to pay for the damage.

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car insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud on the rise in Singapore. 4 tips to keep you safe.

If you’ve skimmed through a newspaper in Singapore lately, you may have noticed a significant increase in reporting about car insurance fraud on the Little Red Dot.

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singapore driver

What type of Singapore driver are you?

Let’s face it: if you drive in Singapore, you can count yourself something of a hero. What with hefty ERP charges, rush hour congestion, and traffic cops waiting with laser cameras, spending time on the roads can be something of a challenge.

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car authorised workshops

Authorised workshops. What are they? And can you choose your own?

Car owners in Singapore are smart. You want answers before you decide to buy the right Car insurance. We get you! We don’t like buying things until we understand them either.

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chinatown singapore Welcome to the Singapore parking app!

In one of the most cosmopolitan and efficient cities in the world, it may seem strange to visitors to see motorists popping out little purple, orange or blue circles in order to pay for their parking.

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senior drivers

Senior drivers + road safety Time for the hard truth!

We’re often quick to judge other motorists, aren’t we? We can get frustrated when a motorist doesn’t pull off quickly enough, when we can’t squeeze through that amber light because of a slower car, or when a driver flicks on hazards and stops seemingly in the middle of the carriageway. Grrrr!

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Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage. Better than the MRT

Once upon a time, the Mitsubishi Lancer ruled supreme in the automotive arena. The Lancer was the best-selling car in Singapore in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Malaysia border security

Malaysia border security. Advice on new measures

Motorists driving across the border into Malaysia at the Tuas and Woodlands crossings may want to allow extra time for their journey.

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Pay by instalments

Car insurance payment. Smart ways to save + avoid hidden costs

A good financial plan is like a road map - the choices we make today affect what’s ahead. So if you buy car insurance direct, you are already making a smart choice. In Singapore, it’s the cheaper, better option.

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Off-Peak Cars

Off-Peak Cars. What are they? And should you get one?

An increasing number of motorists are registering for new off-peak cars (OPCs), even though the overall number of OPCs on Singapore roads has decreased.

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Hyundai Avante vs. Elantra

Hyundai Elantra vs. Hyundai Avante. Capable of trading punches

Korean cars have come a long way since they first appeared on our roads in the 1980s. Back then, they were often derided for their budget status, offering four wheels and not much else. Driving a Korean car was a sign that you were desperate for a set of wheels.

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electric cars future

Electric cars. Is Dyson ahead? Maybe…

The complexity of the modern car is obvious to anyone who has taken a peek under the hood. With all that intricate engineering, it is incredible that modern cars are as reliable as they are. You can chalk this down to the fact that companies like Mercedes-Benz have been producing engines since the late 1800s. That’s a heck of a lot of practice.

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invite a friend

Invite a friend! 4 Kickass things to do in Singapore #bojio

We have words for missing out. Bo jio. Not inviting someone along to something or… anything. Yes, we love our friends, and we love being included! And if you want to invite a friend to something worth your time, we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s our top four kickass things to do with friends in Singapore. Plus how you can Bring a Buddy and win with Budget Direct Insurance.

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Dogs in cars. Six minutes is all it takes.

Dogs in cars. Six minutes is all it takes.

How long does it take for you to grab a coffee at a local coffee shop, or some take away food at the hawker centre? Six minutes or a little more? If you pull over and leave your pet in the car that’s how long it could take for your dog to die.

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Autonomous driving. What’s on offer right now?

You can’t control everything. Your hair first thing in the morning is a good reminder of that. Some days, you may be relieved simply to find your bed is still in the same place. Or that you were smart enough to get the right Car insurance before you actually needed it.

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autonomous driving

Autonomous driving. Should you be scared or excited?

As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I can be totally flexible. That’s the first sign you are turning into a control freak. The truth is, we can’t control everything. Hurricanes, volcanoes, our family, other road users.

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Cars Autonomous

Autonomous driving. What could possibly go wrong?

As an insurance company, it’s our job to protect you from things that can and do go wrong. Autonomous driving is a thing, and it’s only going to get bigger. Car manufacturers have already invented cars that can park themselves, overtake and warn of obstacles.

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driving your dog wild

Drive your dog wild! 5 dog walks in Singapore

Living on a small, heavily populated island you may worry your dog is missing out on long walks. But just a short drive away, there are parks and green spaces well worth your time to get off the usual dog walking track.

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autonomous car

Autonomous cars. Who’s leading the drive?

When marketing people get involved, you can be sure that there’s an actual product on the way. Autonomous vehicles – once touted as ‘driverless cars’ – are in the news. And possibly coming to a road near you.

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toyota corolla altis

Toyota Corolla Altis. It’s better, but how much?

The Toyota Corolla Altis is one of the most popular cars in Singapore. Altis lovers will be delighted to know that their favourite car has now received a mid-life update to its 11th generation model.

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electric cars are coming

Electric cars are coming. How soon?

In the wake of Britain’s recent decision to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles after 2040, reactions from petrol-heads and environmentalists have often been extreme.

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hybrid car

Hybrid car. Ahhh the bliss

What do you get when you make a new thing by putting together two other things? In the case of a zebra and a donkey, you get a zonkey. We’re not kidding…it’s a thing.

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Toyota Prius

Hybrid car. A lot more benefits than a cronut!

One day, a bored chef put together a croissant and a doughnut. The result? The Cronut. The planet could have done without it. #bloodsugarspike

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Rugged, and roofless!

Have you ever wondered, ‘what if I had a gorgeous, rugged SUV, but got rid of the roof?’. A designer at Land Rover must have thought about that question for a long time, and then pitched the idea of making one.

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Audi A5 Coupe

Audi A5 Coupe. Absolutely upmarket!

It’s safe to say that coupes are not exactly popular with the masses. They’re not very practical, and, given that they only have two doors, there’s not much room for your friends or family. People who buy coupes are after panache – and the Audi A5 Coupe has style. In spades. It will make you look good.

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Kia Niro

Kia Niro. In love with the shape?

Hybrid cars are hot. As are crossovers, which are selling like hot cakes, except with a higher price tag! And here comes a new combo – a hybrid crossover. Say hello to the Kia Niro, an all-new hybrid in the shape of… you guessed it, a crossover.

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Road trip Singapore

Road trip Singapore. Away from the crowds, back in time

Want to see crocodiles, monitor lizards, herons, kingfishers and even sea otters? Road trips in Singapore are all about places difficult to get to by car, bus or MRT. So let’s hit the road.

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Buying a parallel import

Buying a parallel import. Is it worth it, and why?

Life is too short to drive a car you don’t like. Want to buy a parallel import in Singapore? Pros and cons here

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Alpina XD3 Power player or hooligan?

When is a BMW not a BMW? When it is an Alpina. The BMW X3-based Alpina may wear BMW badges front and rear, but given how much has been changed, it is a very different car.

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free parking

Budget Singapore. Top 4 places for free parking

A pessimist might say that your budget is a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions. But we are not pessimists! It may take some homework to find creative ways to save money in Singapore, but it’s worth it.

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your car warning lights

Understand your car warning lights. Save time and hassle

Little things make big things happen. This can be good when it comes to setting up a savings account, and bad when it comes to ignoring warnings.

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singapore gp

Die-hard Singapore GP fan? How to get access all areas

Formula One has die-hard fans. A recent survey by popular F1 fan-mag found that over 65% of fans have been actively supporting the race for over 15 years.

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Top 3 crossover cars

Senior drivers. Top 3 crossover cars

Young or young at heart, here is our pick of practical and easy to drive crossover cars for senior drivers. Road tested for your driving pleasure.

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car accidents in singapore

Worst car accidents in Singapore involving pile ups. What can we learn?

Seven people were injured in an accident along Airport Boulevard on Thursday (Dec 15) night involving six vehicles, including three taxis.” Straits Times, December 16, 2016

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Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan. Eager and well equipped!

The Volkswagen Group is a giant of a car company, with an extensive range of models that cater for, well, pretty much everyone. And yet surprisingly, in a world where SUVs are becoming the default choice for every man and his dog, Volkswagen only offers a couple of SUVs.

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Audi A3 Sedan 1.0

Audi A3 Sedan 1.0 TFSI - Fast or furious?

Once upon a time, driving a car with a 1.0-litre engine meant a frustrating trundle down the highway, a struggle to keep up with speedier traffic. Those days are over. Automotive engineering has leapt ahead, and with the aid of turbocharging, 1.0-litres are now well capable of delivering power that holds it own.

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Volvo V90 Cross Country

Cool cars for senior drivers. Top 3 station wagons

The sturdy, reliable station wagon - once the archetypal ‘sensible’ car for the senior driver. But station wagons have evolved into sleek and cool cars in their own right. Here are three station wagons that mean business. These cars will take you places far more exciting than Bingo games and a gentle stroll in the park.

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hacks for common car troubles

What To Do If… 3 more hacks for common car troubles

A good sailor will say that you don’t need to be afraid of storms, because storms teach you how to sail your ship. This is all very well unless your ship happens to be a car, and the storm you are facing has to do with your annoying vehicle.

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Owning a classic car

Owning a classic car. Lessons in love

The temptation to buy a vintage Ferrari, Aston Martin or Alpha Romeo is undeniable, but be sure you know what you’re buying. Classic car expert Tony Watts tells all.

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Opel Mokka X

Opel Mokka X - Hot or not?

The youngsters of today have adopted the full-on gourmet approach when it comes to caffeine. They spend their days sipping expensive coffee with exotic names. And given the spending power of these coffee connoisseurs, it was only a matter of time before someone named a car after one of their most popular brews.

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false car insurance claim

False or inflated car insurance claim. 5 ways to protect yourself

Lies. They’re annoying. There are those little lies like ‘sorry I only just got your email.’ Then there are bigger, more serious ones. The lies that have greater impact of your life. An inflated car insurance claim would fall into this category.

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Infiniti Q50 Red Sport

Cool cars for senior drivers. Top 3 sedans

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you will know that style has no age limit. And if you are a senior driver who wants a classy looking car, there’s a sedan out there with your name on it. Take a look at our road tested top three – stylish, contemporary and lots of fun!

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new driver

New Driver? 6 expert tips to keep you safe

Every day in Singapore, a few new drivers join the road. If you are a new driver, congratulations, you are about to join the 601, 257 cars on the Little Red Dot!

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Nissan Infiniti Q30

Nissan Infiniti Q30 Fast, capable and oddly familiar!

Sharing is caring. It’s good to spread the love and help a buddy out, and that’s what the Infiniti Q30 is all about. This car shares more than a few things with one of its closest rivals. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh?

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car accidents

Worst car accidents in Singapore involving rivers. What can we learn?

Singapore is a fast moving city with over half a million cars on the road. The city is also located one degree (137 km) north of the equator. This means one thing – rain, lots of rain.

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change a tyre

Don’t be deflated! Easy steps to change a tyre

When you are out and about, nothing is as deflating as a flat tyre. Here’s how to deal with one if it happens to you, and how to help prevent one in the first place.

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drive real bargain

Buying a used car? Tips to drive a real bargain

Mistrust of car dealers is so ingrained that it is a wonder anybody buys used cars at all. So what’s the problem?

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pets on the move

Pets on the move. Top tips for stress-free car journeys

Owning a dog or pet has never been so popular in Singapore, in the last ten years the number of dog licenses has risen by more than 30 percent.

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Cool Cars for Senior Drivers 3 Sports Cars That Rock!

You can’t help getting older, but you can always stay young at heart. So you don’t have to settle for a boring everyday ride. In the first of a four part series, here are three cool cars that can bring you plenty of fun and excitement to your golden years, starting with the quintessential sports car.

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Worst car insurance mistakes. All about fronting

There are smart ways to save on your car insurance. Fronting isn’t one of them. What is fronting? Fronting is when a parent adds their son or daughter onto their Car insurance policy as a named driver – but it’s the child who drives the most.

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Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace. Cool, groovy, slightly mad?

When you think of Jaguars, you think of large, luxurious limousines finely-crafted with the best British wood and leather. Or sleek, stylish sports cars fit for any British spy, from James Bond (cool) to Austin Powers (groovy). But the Jaguar F-Pace is an SUV! What gives? Has the world gone mad?

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buying your first car

Buying your first car? 4 tips to make the best choice

Cars are expensive. Especially in Singapore, where prices are nothing short of astronomical. But if you’ve managed to scrimp and save enough to finally afford your own set of wheels (well done!), the plethora of choice can be mind-blowing for the beginner.

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budget car hacks

Save an easy 14% on petrol. 4 more #budget car hacks

It’s said that the best way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket. Not a bad idea, especially if you’re on Orchard Road, home of all things glam and pricey.

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nissan pulsar

Nissan Pulsar. It’s back baby! Car Guru Ben Chia investigates

If you’re someone of a certain age (read: not the youngest little sputnik), you may remember the Nissan Pulsar. It’s a name as familiar as Madonna’s for anyone who lived through the 1980s and 90s.

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Kiasu drivers

Kiasu drivers in Singapore. How to come out ahead

What is it with Singaporean drivers and tailgating? Eating is without a doubt the number one sport in Singapore, but tailgating pushes hard against its rear bumper. Eating first, tailgating second.

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Car insurance excess

Car insurance excess in Singapore. Your smart guide

When you buy your car insurance, the insurance company usually sets a basic excess amount or deductible that you have to pay towards your claim.

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old car options

Need options for your 10-15 year old car? No jargon, no math guide

The study of mathematics has been likened to a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. A bit like buying or selling a car in Singapore then.

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green light

Off-peak car. When is an OPC the smart option?

Having an Off Peak Car (OPC) is one way to slash the cost of motoring in Singapore. Pay less on your road tax, less on your car insurance and get a host of cash rebates. The catch is that you’re restricted to the times you’re allowed on the roads.

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car insurance agent

Need car insurance? Avoid this money pit

If the movies have taught us anything it’s that agents can be expensive. Think James Bond, or Jason Bourne. They don’t always tell the truth and they spend a lot of time in super cars and casinos.

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Buying a used car in Singapore

Buying a used car in Singapore? Stay SAFE + protect your purchase

The number of complaints from customers buying second-hand cars is a cause for concern, say consumer watchdogs in Singapore.

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PARF and COE cars

PARF and COE cars. The definitive guide

In Singapore, we use acronyms in an effort to make things less complicated. Because, let’s face it, buying a new or used car in Singapore is not for the faint hearted.

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COE, LTA, OMV it’s enough to make you CRY Car guru Ben Chia busts the jargon

Buying a car in Singapore can seem complicated and confusing. There are plenty of acronyms and jargon that can be intimidating to first timers. There’s COE, LTA, OMV, ARF, PARF…it’s enough to make you want to CRY.

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jeep grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee. Another huge American personality?

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are a dime a dozen these days. But there are few that can truly do rugged like a Jeep, and the Grand Cherokee is not exception.

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car hacks

What To Do If… 3 hacks for common car troubles

Some cars seem to refuse to start only when we have a very important meeting, or it’s pouring with rain and all the taxis seem to be in JB.

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Worst car accidents in Singapore involving dangerous driving. What can we learn?

“The driver of a blue Toyota Prius car which was caught on video weaving in and out of traffic was arrested on Monday (Jan 23, 2017) for dangerous driving, said police.”

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international driving permit

International driving permit. Easy answers to tough questions

Confused about the need for an International Driving Permit (IDP) when you are motoring overseas? You’re not alone. The Singapore online forums are filled with queries on the subject.

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driving on the right

Driving on the right. How to adjust and stay safe!

In Singapore we drive on the left. We have our colonial history, specifically the Brits, to thank for this as they brought their driving habits with them.

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Top 3 dangers of driving in flip-flops

In sunny Singapore we love our flip-flops. BUT did you know that they’re considered to be one of the most dangerous types of footwear to drive in?

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5 Ways to avoid turning your car into a money pit

Singapore tops the list when it comes to the world’s most expensive cars. One accolade we could do without!

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New diesel tax explained Singapore Budget 2017

In the Singapore Budget 2017, the government announced immediate measures aimed at cutting diesel consumption.

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Singapore road safety. Major award from British Royalty

The Silver Zone scheme, aimed at helping elderly pedestrians in Singapore, has received international recognition from none other than the British royal family.

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singapore street names

From Sago Street to Rotan Lane. Where do our Singapore street names come from?

Singapore’s road names tell the story of a rich and sometimes violent history. The ever-curious team at Budget Direct Insurance shares the highs and lows of some of our favorite street names, their meanings and significance.

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valentines day

Hot wheels. Best Valentine’s Day places to cuddle in your car

The best thing about Valentine’s Day? The chance to be alone with the one you love and nothing but a great playlist, the moon, the stars, and maybe the ocean for company.

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car nightmare

Imported car nightmares and how to avoid them

It’s easy to be seduced by the promise of saving thousands of dollars on a gleaming new imported car. You know, the one you’ve set your heart on.

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Tailgating in Singapore

Tailgating in Singapore. Dangers and how to deal with them

Tailgating has to be one of the most frustrating and hazardous aspects of driving in Singapore. What are the dangers? A recent case in Singapore highlighted the real dangers of tailgating when a five year-old boy was left paralysed following a car accident.

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Extend your car’s life. 5 car fluid checks to keep bills down

If you are having a bad day and think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. Okay that’s black humour, but there’s a grain of truth. Singaporeans know all too well that the first thing you learn about a car is how long you’ll be paying for it.

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Driving in flash floods. Hot spots in Singapore and safety tips

Recent monsoon downpours caused major flooding in parts of Singapore. Some motorists were forced to abandon their cars after being stuck in flood waters that left their cars un-roadworthy or seriously damaged.

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Understand car warning lights. Save time and hassle

Why do we ignore warnings? Mark Lehto, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, explains one of the key reasons we turn a blind eye is due to our desire to get things done.

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car insurance cheat sheet

Don’t buy your car insurance before you’ve read this! Here’s what NOT to do. Torque tells it like it is.

Scratching your head in confusion while selecting your car insurance? Or, did you skip reading the policy documents altogether because you never understand them? If so, you might be paying more than you should.

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backless booster seats

Singapore Safety alert. Backless booster seats set to be banned for small children

The United Nations, which sets safety standards for car seats, believes boosters are no longer safe enough for small children.

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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 5: Ace the practical driving test!

The final obstacle between you and your fabulous driving license is the practical driving test. First-timers can be over-worried and may even end up failing the test because of nerves. But not to worry! Here’s how you can prepare to ace yours.

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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 4: Your first driving lesson

It’s always better to take advice on driving from someone who has been through the ups and downs. A newly qualified driver in the friendly team at Budget Direct Insurance shares his tips for success.

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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 3: Ace the driving course!

The driving course can be expensive and time-consuming. But here are insider tips from Budget Direct Insurance to help you complete your driving course smoothly and swiftly.

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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 2: Driving School vs. Private Instructor

Almost every Singaporean faces the dilemma between learning to drive at a driving school or with a private instructor.

Our very own learner driver weighs the pros and cons to help you make the best decision..

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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 1: A quick guide to getting started.

Getting a driving license in Singapore may seem tough due to the standard, systematic procedure. But in fact, it is simpler than you may think. Here’s how you can get started.

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Driving in snow. Winter driving tips to keep you safe

Driving in very wintery conditions or in snow is not high on the list of things we Singaporeans are good at. For obvious reasons #tropicslah!

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car nicknames

Beyonce and David Beckham have one. What’s yours?

Blue Thunder, Princess, Twinkie and The Scooby - just a few of the car nicknames we have come across in Singapore.

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New car seat research. Advice on travel with newborns

Singaporean parents are being warned to limit the amount of time a newborn baby spends in the car.

New findings show that very young babies are at risk from suffocating in their car seats. Weak neck muscles mean their heads can flop forwards and prevent them from breathing, with potentially fatal results.

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Child seatbelts. Number 3 may be a life saver

A shocking one in four Singapore parents continues to flout the law when it comes to child seatbelts. A study, carried out by the Straits Times, shows that nearly 75 per cent of parents do ensure that their children are secured in seatbelts as required by the law.

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Distracted driving. The cost and 6 ways to stay safe

Latest statistics show that 59 motorists died and 2,710 were injured during a one-year period as a result of drivers failing to keep a proper lookout on our roads.

One of the causes of these deaths and injuries is that when something unexpected happens, motorists are not always ready to react.

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How cars are priced in Singapore? Your 2-minute guide

The study of mathematics has been likened to a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. A bit like buying a car in Singapore then. What’s worse is, buying a car here doesn’t simply involve math, it involves acronyms like ARF, COE and MAS.

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Extend your car’s life 5 wheel checks to keep bills down

Wasting money is a cure in itself - eventually there will be no more money to waste. Nobody wants to part with their hard-earned money unless they have to. And when it comes to cars, there are lots of things you can do to avoid the dreaded money drain.

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Buying a used car online? Don’t fall for this

When buying a used car, first turn on the radio. Try all the pre-set stations. If they are all tuned to heavy rock, there's a good chance the car’s transmission is close to gone. Two things to note here.

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Buying a used car in Singapore. Where to go and why - Part One

Driving a new car in Singapore can feel like riding around in an open wallet with dollar bills flying everywhere. If you want to avoid that feeling, buying a used car may be better therapy.

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Buying a used car in Singapore. Where to go and why - Part Two

Some things are better if you think about them another way. Take your daily commute. It helps if you don't see it as one long traffic jam, but rather as thousands of brave people determined to press on for another day.

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Buying a used car in Singapore 5 expensive problems to avoid

If you want to forget all your other problems, wear shoes that are too tight. No, it’s not the best advice. What is true is that some expensive problems are easier to avoid than others. Take cars.

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10 car accessories for your inner geek

It's well known that here in Singapore we are a nation of gadget geeks.

And the last two decades have seen extraordinary rollouts in auto innovation designed to make getting around easier and safer. And it's not about to slow down.

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Choosing Children’s Car Seats In Singapore

When it comes to putting children in car seats we still fall short here in Singapore. Far too often youngsters are seen sitting on parents’ laps, not a child car seat in sight.

There are no excuses when it comes to safety but at the same time we agree that choosing a car seat from the hundreds on offer can be a daunting task.

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Cut Down Your Fuel Costs

Air-con on full blast, stop-start driving in the city streets… Cutting down your fuel bill in Singapore isn't easy. But there are ways to make sure your car is getting as many kilometres per litre as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you.

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Help Emergency Vehicles Save the Day

Despite reports of some drivers deliberately going out of their way to obstruct emergency vehicles, most Singaporeans do want to help. Thankfully the majority of Singapore motorists are keen to assist emergency vehicles reach their destination quickly. And the best way to do that is to know your road rules.

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Love Your Car And Save Your Dollars. More #budget car hacks

Money may buy you a car, but it’s love that will keep it on the road. But how do you know when enough is enough? Especially at that awkward moment.

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cheap car insurance

Car insurance. Is it possible to be cheap AND good?

We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for.’ If you apply this to car insurance does that mean cheaper insurance offers less protection?

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Save 33% by not doing this. Top 4 #budget car hacks

Your car. It means you don’t have to brave a squashed and sweaty MRT in the morning. This is a good thing. A bad thing is when your car starts costing you money. We don’t want you driving around feeling like you are in a bad relationship with your car.

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The Polite Driving Test

Most of us like to think of ourselves as pretty good drivers, don’t we? Many of us passed our driving test with flying colours, sailed through our theory test and have no major bumps or scratches on the motor, but how considerate are we to other road users?

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Want that new car smell back? 7 car cleaning hacks

Car sickness can be brought on by thinking about your monthly payment. It can also be induced by the lingering smell of that delicious takeaway seafood soup that spilled all over the front seat before you got it home. Fast food, babies, kids with chocolate, your loveable dog. None of these are good for the value, or sparkly newness of your car.

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