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5 Ways to avoid turning your car into a money pit

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Singapore tops the list when it comes to the world’s most expensive cars. One accolade we could do without!

It’s tempting to skip on maintenance checks to try and save a bit of cash. But all too often poorly maintained cars can become even more of a money pit.

Here are the most common ways we neglect our car and put our bank balance in jeopardy. 

1. Don’t Ignore Leaks

When there’s fluid leaking from your car it usually means something is wrong and should be repaired straight away. Big red flag. Transmission, engine, steering, brakes, fuel, and cooling systems will deteriorate and fail if they continue to leak. Ignore the signs and you put your safety as well as your bank balance at risk.

2. Pump it Up!

Good tyre condition is important for optimum vehicle control. You need proper air pressure for comfort, traction, and fuel efficiency. Low tyre pressure creates tyre friction, which means the engine has to work harder and therefore reduces fuel efficiency.

Improperly inflated tyres will wear down, and require replacement far sooner than tyres that are well maintained. Continuous driving with tyres that aren’t inflated properly may also damage your suspension, not cheap!

3. No More Pressure Washing

Cleanliness may be a virtue, but it’s one that isn’t necessarily great for car engines. Modern car engines are equipped with loads of accessory electrical components, sensors, and interconnected wiring harnesses… sounds impressive. But all of these fancy features could easily be damaged or dislodged by an errant jet of high-pressure water. So steer clear of pressure washers.

4. Low Fuel Levels

Most cars are equipped with electronic fuel pumps mounted inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump operates best and lasts longer when immersed in fuel more often. It’s better to operate a car on no less than a quarter of a tank to extend the life of the fuel pump.

5. Cleaner Air Filters

Keep your air filters clean. These are the engine’s gateway to airflow. Less air means reduced performance. It can also cause your engine to overheat, which is going to cost a lot more than an air filter.

Bottom line. Don’t scrimp on your car maintenance checks and you’ll save yourself heaps of time and money.

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