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Audi A5 Coupe. Absolutely upmarket!

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It’s safe to say that coupes are not exactly popular with the masses. They’re not very practical, and, given that they only have two doors, there’s not much room for your friends or family. People who buy coupes are after panache – and the Audi A5 Coupe has style. In spades. It will make you look good.

1) What is it?

The A5 is Audi’s mid-sized coupe creation and this version, released earlier this year, is the second-generation model. The A5 has received much acclaim as one of Audi’s better-looking cars, and the new version looks set to build upon those accolades.

2) What’s it like?

The basic silhouette looks similar to the outgoing A5, but the new model features some smoother and softer lines for a sleeker appearance. It looks as stylish as ever, and will definitely continue to turn heads.

This particular version is the 2.0-litre TFSI petrol model, and features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 190bhp. Performance is adequate, and the power delivery is as smooth as cream, offering a nice soothing drive as you cruise down the highway. The A5 handles decently too, with plenty of poise and composure in a finely balanced setup.

Like all Audis, the interior has a plush finish and feels absolutely upmarket. Impressive tech features such as the digital virtual cockpit instrument panel, and a navigation system that incorporates Google Maps and offers street views, elevate the A5 to a new level of coolness. And for a coupe there is a pretty decent amount of room to accommodate two adults in the back (surprise!)

3) Should I buy one?

At the moment, the competition between mid-sized premium coupes is a pretty fierce. The Audi A5 has to contend with numerous rivals, not just from its usual German competitors, but also from new Japanese offerings such as the Infiniti Q60 and the Lexus RC. That said, the A5 acquits itself very well amongst the coupe crowd, and, perhaps with a slightly more powerful engine, could easily find itself the winner.

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