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Bad drivers caught on dashcam blacklisted by Budget Direct Insurance

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Budget Direct Insurance has been inundated with dashcam videos showing reckless driving around Singapore as part of its Drive Safe Today campaign.

Motorists were offered cash and voucher rewards of up to $100 in exchange for their dashcam footage showing instances of reckless driving. The insurer helped select up to 50 videos of motorists caught driving recklessly and has now logged and blacklisted their number plates in a bid to ban them from buying their insurance.

Videos submitted included a 40 tonne container truck toppling over onto the expressway, cars driving against the flow of traffic and motorists trying to beat the red light.

The Drive Safe Today campaign, which ran for three months, supported the insurer’s strategy to insure only those with a good track record, thereby keeping claims down and ensuring lower premium prices for all its customers.

Simon Birch, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, said the campaign helped to focus the spotlight on dangerous motorists with the aim to help deter such bad behavior.

He said: “There are several online sites filled with footage of bad drivers. We went one step further by not only rewarding motorists for sending in their videos but also blacklisting the offending number plates from being insured with us.”

He added: “We are currently leading the way when it comes to rewarding safe drivers. We offer one of the biggest discounts for safe drivers with premiums more than halved for those with a 50% No Claims Discount. Yes, we want to be one of the cheapest insurance companies in Singapore but we want to do it without cutting corners on our cover or our service. Keeping out risky drivers is just one way for us to keep premiums low.”

The initiative, which was well received by Singapore’s motoring community, was carried out in partnership with Beh Chia Lor, a leading dashcam video platform.

Videos were submitted and selected by a panel consisting of the Beh Chia Lor team and a representative from Budget Direct Insurance.

Contributors have also been advised to make a police report.

A spokesman from Beh Chia Lor, said: “ We are not an enforcement body and therefore our role is merely to raise awareness of reckless driving behaviour in the hope that it will help make our roads safer .’’

He added: We are delighted to team up with Budget Direct Insurance for this initiative that promotes safe driving. We fully support them in their endeavor to make Singapore’s roads a safer place for everyone.”  

Following on from its success, Budget Direct Insurance has extended the initiative with the launch of a second campaign in which good drivers will be rewarded. Get more details here.

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