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Between the Toyota Vios and Honda Jazz, which is worth buying?

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Toyota and Honda came out tops in a recently released comparison of the most popular car makes in Singapore by consumer researchers ValueChampion, based on new car registration data for 2017 from the Land Transport Authority.

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According to ValueChampion’s compilation of the list prices of popular vehicles in Singapore based on SGCarMart dealer price lists, the Honda Jazz costs approximately $5,000 more than the Toyota Vios. However, based on the latest prices, the difference between the two has widened to about $7,000.

most popular car makes price

Toyota Vios

The 1.5-litre Toyota Vios is available in two variants- the entry-level Vios E and the Vios G. It looks sportier and more premium than before, with its newly-designed continuous headlight-grille structure, body-coloured bumper and shark fin antenna.

toyota vios
Editorial credit: Ovu0ng / Shutterstock.com

Smart Entry and Smart Start functions, the largest width in its class and a spacious boot capacity make the compact sedan a convenient and practical choice.

Toyota’s renowned dual VVT-i engine delivers the best of both performance and fuel efficiency, while specially-designed silencers, engine mounts and carpets help minimise cabin noise and vibration.

Safety systems such as seven airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution protect the driver and passengers and offer greater peace of mind.

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz comes in two engine variants- a 1.3 litre and a 1.5 litre. It benefits from Honda’s latest design philosophy, which conveys a sporty and fun image.

honda jazz
Editorial credit: Giovanni Love / Shutterstock.com

The hatchback is capable of taking a full load of passengers, and its versatile ULTRA seats can be configured into four different modes depending on load requirements.

Both variants are powered by Honda’s popular DOHC i-VTEC engine that combine both performance and fuel efficiency.

The third-generation Jazz may be a compact car, but it is big on safety, with features such as ABS, Vehicle Stability Assist System and Hill Start Assist.

Which is better value-for-money?

Let us first compare the basic Vios E grade with the Jazz 1.5, both of which are powered by a 1.5-litre engine. For approximately $7,000 more, the latter comes equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), centre armrest in the rear, automatic climate control and 16-inch wheels.

If you top up approximately $7,000 to upgrade from the Vios E to the Vios G, which makes it roughly the same price as the Jazz 1.5, you can also have these, in addition to 60:40 collapsible rear seats and leather steering wheel with steering wheel-mounted switch controls.

These are also available in the Jazz 1.5, which puts the Jazz 1.5 and Vios G grade neck-to-neck in terms of price and specifications.   

In other words, if you have decided on a 1.5-litre engine, paying $7,000 more for the Jazz 1.5 or Vios G grade gets you all these extra features, which are absent in the Vios E grade.

That said, the entry-level Jazz 1.3, which costs between $71,999 - $ 73,999 (depending on the variant) comes equipped with 60/40 fold-down seats and a leather steering with audio control switches, cruise control and paddle shifters as standard.

If you don’t mind a 1.3-litre engine, it might be wise to give the Jazz 1.3 some serious thought. It can be up to $13,000 cheaper than the Jazz 1.5 and Vios G grade and comes with a decent enough list of goodies.

Even when compared to the Vios E grade, the Jazz 1.3 costs between $4,000 - $6,000 less and standard specifications include fold-down seats and leather steering wheel with audio control switches, cruise control and paddle shifters, which are not in the Vios E grade.

Car insurance costs

Finally, when it comes to car insurance the Toyota Vios 1.5 is almost $70 cheaper than the Honda Jazz 1.5 which is a sizeable difference. Check out these prices from Budget Direct Insurance.

Comparing both 1.5-litre versions for a motorist who is:

A 45-year-old MARRIED man.Ten years driving experience.
50% NCD

Toyota Vios
Driving a 2016 car - TOYOTA Vios 1.5
Comprehensive car insurance quote starts from $457.10
For SINGLE male = $481.02

toyota vios

*Premiums shown are indicative. Actual premiums may vary based on various factors. 

Honda Jazz
A 2016 car - HONDA Jazz 1.5
Comprehensive car insurance quote starts from $526.61
For SINGLE male = $554.02

honda jazz

*Premiums shown are indicative. Actual premiums may vary based on various factors. 

Make the most of your car-buying budget by comparing the various specifications with your needs and priorities. Stretch your insurance dollar by calling Budget Direct at 6221 2111 for a free quote on affordable motor insurance.

By motoring expert, Lynn Tan.


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