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Beyonce and David Beckham have one What’s yours?

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Blue Thunder, Princess, Twinkie and The Scooby - just a few of the car nicknames we have come across in Singapore.

Some famous car nicknames from much loved Hollywood and TV series include Herbie the Love Bug from the 1968 US Comedy, Lightning McQueen from the popular kids movie Cars, and KITT from the 1980s TV series Knight Rider.

And what’s wrong with that?

After all, sailors name their ships, and pilots their planes, so why not name your car?

If you do decide to give you car its own identity the process shouldn’t be rushed. Get to know him or her (the vast majority become her). Your car’s little foibles and personality will soon shine through. A name may be inspired by the car’s colour, speed, shape, performance and who (or what) it reminds you of.

A friend of ours called her people carrier The Scooby as she could pile her kids in the back like the gang used to do in the famous cartoon Scooby Doo. Blue Thunder was named after the car’s colour and racing stripe, although this was an ironic take on the car’s performance as it struggled to burn rubber at traffic lights!

Birth of the VW Beetle

One of the most enduring nicknames for a car became so popular that the manufacturers eventually adopted it themselves. The VW Beetle. When production started in 1938 the car didn’t have a name, it was simply referred to as Volkswagen Type 1. But its insect-like shape quickly got it the nickname Kafer or beetle in English, and the name became so popular that it was officially adopted by VW and marketed internationally under that name.

Beyonce’s got one too!

The rich and famous also get attached to their vehicles, Beyonce has reportedly called her Jaguar Honeybee, David Beckham named his Jeep Jeepers Creepers and Barack Obama’s presidential state car became known as The Beast, perhaps because it was so big and ugly and designed to kept him safe!

We know your car is important to you, and we would love to hear your favourite car nickname.

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