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Dashcam videos to restore your faith in Singapore motorists

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We’re always inundated with dashcam videos of crazy Singapore drivers causing all sorts of mayhem on our roads. So the team at Budget Direct Insurance decided to put the spotlight on good Singapore drivers who show great acts of kindness. With a little help from our partners at Beh Chia Lor, here’s what we found.

1) Brave biker flies to birds’ rescue.

dashcam video

Bravery can be shown in many little ways. One example – help someone, or indeed some birds, in need. A brave motorist stopped his bike while riding along Admiralty MRT to lend a helping hand to two injured birds stranded on the road.

He cautiously turned his hazard lights on so the car behind could slow down while he stopped his bike to get off and gently rescue the birds, placing them in nearby bushes. At times even the smallest of gestures can make a huge difference. In this case, two birds lived to tell the tale, for another day at least….we hope!  

Word of caution. Our biker in this video was very lucky that he came to no harm and that he didn’t cause an accident. So please do be vigilant if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. We love animals at Budget Direct Insurance but please do make sure you’re not endangering the lives of other motorists if you ever have to stop and help.

2) Don't turn a blind eye.

dashcam video

Accidents do happen when you least expect. Even if you’re not involved, helping someone in need is the right way to go. An accident happened at the junction of Hougang Ave 6 and 8. A brave guy, who wasn’t involved got out of his car to help.

Despite the fact he was travelling in the opposite direction and could quite easily have rushed on by, the driver ran towards the car that had been hit to check if anyone was injured.

Once he established that no one was hurt he cleared a large piece of debris that was obstructing the road to prevent it causing a hold-up to other motorists passing by.

It’s acts like these that help to restore your faith in humanity. It’s good to stop and help even when you’re not involved. Next time it might well be you who needs someone to stop and help.

3) Always give way to ambulances

dashcam video

No matter how much of a hurry you’re in, nothing can be more important than an ambulance getting to where it has to go as quickly as possible.

Often in Singapore, we do tend to switch lanes when we hear an ambulance siren, letting them pass as quickly as possible. But there are those motorists, and we’ve all seen them, who defiantly won’t budge for anyone, including the emergency services.

Thankfully on this occasion the motorist did the right thing and got out of the way.

So what to do next time you hear that siren? If the ambulance is behind you and in your lane then slowly signal and move to another lane. Otherwise be prepared for other vehicles who are trying to give way to the ambulance, to join your lane. For that to go smoothly, remember to slow down and even put on your hazards if you have to.

Got any dashcam videos you’d like us to feature? Email us at [email protected]

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