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Drive safe in Singapore’s tunnels. What you need to know

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We love road tunnels in land-scarce Singapore. We have major bragging rights too. The Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) Tunnel is a whopping 12km long and is said to be the longest in Southeast Asia.

Our other major tunnels include:

Central Expressway (CTE) Tunnel
Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) Tunnel
Fort Canning Tunnel (FCT)
Woodsville Tunnel (WVT) 
Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT)

What are the speed limits inside the tunnels?

The speed limit in the CTE and MCE tunnels is 80km/h.

Motorists also have to keep to that limit in most parts of the KPE tunnel with the exception of some localised bends which are 70km/h.

The speed limit in the FCT and WVT is 50km/h and SGT is 40km/h

Approaching the tunnel

  • Check your fuel gauge. You don’t want to out run of petrol mid-tunnel
  • Turn on your radio and stay tuned to the traffic news if possible. In the event of an emergency, including evacuation information, it will be broadcast over FM radio stations.
  • Switch on your headlights at low beam
  • Take off your sunglasses to minimise any glare from headlights.


If you’re forced to slow down quickly turn on your hazard lights.
If you come to a standstill stay about 5 meters behind the car in front.
Don’t leave your vehicle.

While our tunnels are constructed with high safety standards, there is a chance that you might get into a collision with another vehicle or that your car may break down in a tunnel.

Get the lowdown on what to do should you face these situations:

Vehicle breakdown

* You should try to stop your car at the road shoulder;
* The next step is to switch on your vehicle hazard lights;
* There is an emergency SOS phone every 100 metres, next to the slow lane. Use it to contact the LTA Operations Control Centre or dial 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for help;
* Look out for an LTA vehicle recovery team which will tow your vehicle to the nearest designated car park; 

To keep yourself out of danger, 

  • Leave your car and move to the raised platform on the road shoulder, downstream of the vehicle
  • Look out for oncoming traffic
  • On no account should you try to repair your car while in the tunnel
  • As remaining in the tunnel can be hazardous, you may want to leave the tunnel through the nearest escape staircase.
  • If it is not safe to leave your car, or you are unable to get your vehicle to the road shoulder, remain in your car and call for help.

When calling 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for help, you need to inform them of your location in the tunnel and direction of travel. The following are useful markers:

  • Emergency exit door label
  • Slip road
  • Kilometre marker on the wall panels or raised platform

Vehicle Collision:

You can drive out of the tunnel if no injuries are sustained by either party;
* Should there be an injury, dial 995/999 for assistance;
* If your vehicle has stalled or you need any other help, use the nearest emergency SOS phone (every 100 metres, next to slow lane) to call for help from the LTA Operation Control Centre or dial 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for assistance;
* LTA, SCDF and Traffic Police response teams will arrive at the incident site to assist you.

Car on fire or giving out smoke:

* Park your car at the road shoulder, switch off the engine and exit your car
*Get assistance by dialling 995, use the nearest emergency SOS phone (every 100 metres, next to slow lane); or use the glass unit at the fire service cabinet to sound an alarm
* Put out the fire with the portable fire extinguisher inside the fire service cabinet located at 50-metre intervals inside the tunnel;
* To receive help from the LTA Operation Control Centre, you can:

a) Use the nearest emergency SOS phone (every 100 metres, next to slow lane)
b) Dial 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582)
c) Sound an alarm using the fire break-glass panel at the fire service cabinet

* The overhead water sprinkler system may be activated in the MCE, Woodsville or Sentosa Gateway Tunnel;
* Rest assured that the LTA, SCDF and Traffic Police response teams will arrive at the site to provide you with the help you need.


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