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Driving over the border. What you need to know

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The on-going COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing. Our blog content regarding travelling to Malaysia and Thailand is subject to changes therefore we advise you to check the following government websites before driving to Malaysia.

We would also like to remind all Budget Direct Insurance customers that if you have opted for “Singapore Only” motor insurance optional cover and wish to drive across the borders into Malaysia, then you will need to call us at least 7 days before your trip. We can help you to update your motor insurance plan to ensure you are covered for driving overseas. Please call 6221 2111 on Mondays to Fridays 9am to 8pm or Saturdays 9am to 3pm (excluding public holidays). We are here to help.

Taking a road trip to Malaysia, and even up to Thailand, shouldn’t be underestimated as a viable travel choice. If you have young children or don’t like flying, it can be an ideal solution. Or you may just want to jump over the border for a day visit to the many attractions in Johor Bahru.

Some car owners can be anxious about driving over the border because they are unsure what to do if they break down or they have an accident. Budget Direct Insurance is here to help.

What your travel policy will cover

  • In the event of an emergency while driving your own or a rental car abroad we will get you home.

If your car is immobilized for six consecutive hours or more following an accident or breakdown -we will arrange to transport you back to Singapore or your next destination, and pay the costs up to a maximum of S$200.00 per insured person. We will also pay for the transportation of the car back to Singapore or to the rental company or to the nearest workshop overseas, up to S$2,000.000.

  • Calling from abroad can be costly; you’ll want to call us, so we will pay emergency phone calls up to S$100.

    driving over border

  • In the event that you or one of your passengers is injured and needs to be evacuated from the scene, or brought home, you are covered. See table below.
  • Our claims team will be on the end of a line to help you and advise you what to do. The numbers you need are 6221 2199 or +65 6540 2199 (if overseas).

Driving across the border, Budget Direct Insurance tips

We all know that you can lose the will to live (let alone holiday) while queuing at the borders at Tuas and Woodlands to get into Malaysia. The secret is to time it right.

Avoid public holidays like the plague! Go a day early and come back a day early or late.

If you have to cross on a public holiday or a working day go very, very early.

Unless you want to go into Johor Bahru town itself, always take the Tuas crossing. It is usually less busy and smoother.

At checkpoints, make sure you have all your passports, IC cards and have the appropriate stamps if necessary. Check you have all of them before you continue onwards.

Have your PLUSMiles card handy – you will need this for frequent road tolls and charges in Malaysia.

Day trip? These are the top attractions just over the border

For the little ones

Legoland Malaysia

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

The Little Big Club

For everyone

Puteri Harbour

The Chinese Heritage Museum

Grand Palace Park (Istana Besar)

Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

Johor Bahru City Square

And with Kuala Lumpur reaching number six on the Forbes top 10 places to retire abroad (in the whole world!), due to its “most affordable, exotic, and at the same time, fully appointed and comfortable places to retire” you may find yourself driving up there to visit the relatives as they take an elongated break from Singapore.!!

For more answers to your insurance questions, - PLUS motoring analysis, news and tips, look out for regular posts in this series.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good .
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