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E-scooter accidents. Jaw-dropping footage caught on dashcam

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Let’s face it, many Singaporeans are embracing the e-scooter because it’s fast, convenient, beats the heat and is cheaper than a car. And who can blame them? But sometimes their trips take them somewhere totally unexpected: the A&E.

The government has recently stepped in and imposed new laws regulating bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and personal mobility devices. In a nutshell the Active Mobility Act stipulates that e-scooter riders can be fined up to $1,000 and/or jailed up to three months if caught speeding - more than 10km/h on footpaths or more than 25km/h on shared and cycling paths.

This means you can’t just get away with a slap on the wrist for disregarding the rules. The next time you zip hastily on your scooter, remember the following footage - it can teach us all a thing or two about safety.

Budget Direct Insurance has partnered with road safety advocates at Beh Chia Lor to bring you some shocking dashcam videos that will make you see red.

A close shave

caught on dashcam

We get it - you’re in a hurry and the coast looks clear. But when you’re crossing the road, dashing straight ahead without anticipating oncoming vehicles it’s a BIG risk.

Thankfully here, the driver was quick to react and managed to hit the brakes in time without crashing head on into the rider. A near-miss if ever there was one… 

Stop and look before you go

caught on dashcam

Whenever we’re using a pedestrian crossing, either on foot or a scooter, don’t ever take it for granted that traffic will stop for us. Likewise, drivers should also slow down upon approaching the crossing as it’s not their right of way.

The Land Transport Authority strongly advises people on bicycles or e-scooters to dismount and push their vehicles when crossing the road.

Here, it’s clear that both parties could have avoided the accident entirely if they’d been more careful on the roads.

Head on

caught on dashcam

Just because you’re zipping around on sidewalks doesn’t mean you’re free from accidents. Being aware of your surroundings especially entrances and exits where vehicle traffic is constantly moving in and out is important.

Entrances on roads are blind spots for drivers and therefore riders on e-scooters should go slow and anticipate vehicles. 

Cutting it close

caught on dashcam

Traffic lights were created to help the safe and smooth movement of vehicles and people on roads. What happens when we disregard the system? Of course, we face the possibility of a collision. Luckily for the rider, the motorist was setting off very slowly. One second later and there might have been dire consequences.

The blind spot

caught on dashcam

Who’s in the wrong? The driver of the car was speeding and showed no intention of slowing down at the side lane while the e-scooter rider hurriedly whizzed on, probably thinking she would be able to ride fast enough ahead of the car. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the side of the road in time. 

Is it safe to cross?

caught on dashcam

As pedestrians at a traffic light, we trust that the system won’t fail us. However, in this instance, the system was working perfectly, with the green man flashing, when the rider on the e-scooter making his way across the road was hit by a van. Some might argue that it’s crystal clear the driver is at fault for not being aware of the rider and even after the collision, only comes to a standstill 50 metres later. Not surprising that many online forums have people asking the question - are the road systems safe even in good practice?

Nothing is this urgent

caught on dashcam

Here’s another example of a rider, possibly delivering some food, on an e-scooter who disregarded the traffic light. If he had been more alert and waited for the green man instead of scooting off despite the oncoming traffic, this nasty accident could have been avoided altogether.

Meanwhile, we sincerely wish all those involved in the accidents shown here a very speedy recovery.

Don’t get caught out.

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