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False or inflated car insurance claim. 5 ways to protect yourself

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Lies. They’re annoying. There are those little lies like ‘sorry I only just got your email.’ Then there are bigger, more serious ones. The lies that have greater impact of your life. An inflated car insurance claim would fall into this category.

A false car insurance claim is not simply annoying, potentially, it is expensive. At the very least it can be frustrating and a waste of your time.

At Budget Direct Insurance we like to keep you informed. We believe that with knowledge comes power. Here is our expert guide to the best ways to protect yourself from the possibility of a false or overinflated car insurance claim. 

Most important

Do not put yourself in and danger - this could complicate things. When you are sure it is safe for you, do the following:

1. Get details

You need to swop driver's particulars - Name, NRIC, address, contact number, car registration number and the name of insurance company

If there are witnesses – Ask for their particulars + contact numbers

Record accident details - Date, time and location of the accident

Do not admit or decide liability at this stage. 

2. Get evidence

The scene - Take enough photos to clearly show the vehicles involved and the exact location of the accident

Your vehicle – Make sure you have an accurate record of the damage to your car and that your license plate is clearly visible in one or more of the photos 

Other vehicle(s) – Take clear pictures of any damage + licence plate(s). Also take wider pics showing undamaged parts of the car

3. Make a bird’s eye sketch 

Photographs can’t show the accident from above. If possible, make a bird’s eye sketch of the scene to show the position of vehicles on the road and anything else significant (traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian crossings etc). 

You should ask the other party to sign the sketch to ensure it won’t be disputed at a later date. 

4. Install an in-car camera

An in-car camera can be bought for about $50. The camera offers solid proof of the time, direction, location and speed of impact. It’s a valuable way to speed up the process of settling a car insurance claim. And it protects you from anyone trying to falsely blame you for an accident.

5. Reporting the accident

For accidents involving injury/death/pedestrian/cyclist/government or foreign vehicles/government property, you are required to make a police report as soon as possible or within 24 hours of the accident and complete the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) Motor Accident Report (MAR) Form as well.

For non-injury accidents, you are not required to make a police report but you still need to complete and submit the GIA MAR Form to your insurer as soon as possible. The GIA MAR Form is available from your insurer. 

Along the way, if you receive any Writ of Summons, Traffic Summons or other correspondence from third parties, inform and provide full details immediately to your insurer.

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