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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 4: Your first driving lesson

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It’s always better to take advice on driving from someone who has been through the ups and downs. A newly qualified driver in the friendly team at Budget Direct Insurance shares his tips for success.


Everyone gets excited about his or her very first driving lesson, but it is important to keep in mind that driving is a big responsibility. Truth be told, if you are learning with a driving school, chances are you will not be able to start driving on your very first lesson. Before you can sit behind the wheel, your driving instructor will brief you on the basics of driving.

However, if you understand the basics quickly, or you have a private tutor, you may be able to take the wheel sooner. And you may get the shock of your life, just like how I did!

Don’t panic – it gets easier

On my very first lesson, I got the chance to take the wheel. I started to perspire profusely, and I even had sweaty palms, due to the constant thought of “What if I screw up and crash?” Eventually, I mustered the courage and started to drive at the sluggish rate of 15-20km/h. I barely made it back to my starting point, and stalled the engine multiple times in the mere 15 minutes I was driving.

Flip flops – no no!

Before heading for your very first lesson, it is mandatory to bring along your Provisional Driving License (PDL) for every lesson. This certifies that you are licensed to learn to drive under someone’s wing. Furthermore, keep in mind to always wear covered shoes, it is an important practice for your test. Wearing flip-flops to an actual driving test will result in immediate failure.

Most importantly, keep a positive mindset for every lesson, and never be afraid to speak up and ask your instructor for any advice or tips. The instructor is there to clarify any doubts and questions that you may have.

But fret not! As long as you keep a clear mind and listen to your instructor’s instructions, you will make good progress.

Last, of all, have a blast learning how to drive, and don’t forget to savour the thrill and joy of your first driving experience. Happy motoring!

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