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Hot wheels Best Valentine’s Day places to cuddle in your car

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The best thing about Valentine’s Day? The chance to be alone with the one you love and nothing but a great playlist, the moon, the stars, and maybe the ocean for company.

And what better way to beat the crowds than to have a cozy cuddle in your car?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the loved up team at Budget Direct Insurance offers our insider guide to Singapore’s best, most secluded carparks. All road-tested of course. Turn up the music and zoom zoom!

  1. Labrador Park. There’s nothing more romantic than a good sea view. There are lots of spots to choose here but we like the dimly-lit carpark near the Coast Guard camp.
  2. Jurong Hill carpark. Enjoy perfect seclusion here. For those who want to get really cozy.
  3. Gillman Barracks. Art-lovers unite. This arty enclave is very quiet in the evenings especially towards the Lock Road area. Have a mooch about and take your pick.
  4. West Coast Park. Take your pick of carparks along here but our favourite is close to the dog run. It’s quiet in the evenings and surrounded by lots of lush greenery. Grab some naughty fries and drinks from the nearby McDonalds.
  5. Changi Beach. Park near the airport or ferry terminal and watch the planes fly by. Bliss.
  6. Kent Ridge carpark. You may need to dodge the odd jogger and dog-walker here, but you can’t beat the view overlooking Pasir Panjang and out to sea.
  7. Sungei Buloh nature park. There are plenty of secluded carparks here especially at night. Watch out for the crocs though!
  8.  Bedok Reservoir. A hive of activity in the day, this place is pretty quiet in the evenings. Great for nature lovers…
  9. East Coast Park. There are plenty of secluded carparks to choose from along here and tons of places for a good ta pau too.
  10. Top floor of any HDB carpark. Finally, if you’re really strapped for time then grab a quick cuddle on the top floor. No-one parks here and you’re guaranteed to get a good view. Say no more.

At Budget Direct Insurance we care about the little things. We think little things make a big difference. 

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