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How to get your online driving licence

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Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreigners who have passed the practical test at any of the three Traffic Police test centres are now required to apply for their driving licence online.

How to apply for your online driving licence

A digital photograph will need to be taken at the centre where you passed your driving test.

Take the photograph before booking for the practical test so that it will be made available in the system when you are ready to apply for your driving licence.

Log into your Singpass and follow the steps laid out. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes. Payment is made online $50 via eNets or credit card.

Once the application and payment has been successfully made, the driving licence will be mailed to you via registered post within seven working days.

Additional class of driving licence

Those who already have a driving licence and have just passed another class of driving licence do not need to take a digital photograph and apply for their Qualified Driving Licence (QDL).

After passing the practical test, the driving tester at the Traffic Police Test Centre will paste an endorsement sticker (with the new class of QDL) at the back of the existing valid Singapore photo card driving licence.

No fee is charged for this.

Non-singaporeans applying for licences

Foreigners holding valid work passes issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or student/long-term visa holders who have passed their practical test at any of the three Traffic Police centres must also apply for their QDL online using their SingPass account.

Those without a SingPass can apply for it using their Fin number and date of birth.

Replacement for licences

Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents who have lost their existing valid Singapore driving licence or had it defaced can apply for their driving licence online using their SingPass account.

A payment of S$25 will need to be made online using eNets or credit card. A photograph is not needed as the existing photograph will be used to print onto the new Singapore photo card driving licence.

The original Singapore driving licence will need to be returned to the Traffic Police within seven days upon receipt of the replacement driving licence. It can be dropped off at the Traffic Police Headquarters drop box or sent via registered mail to: Testing & Licensing Branch, Traffic Police Headquarters, 10 Ubi Ave 3, Singapore 408865.

Foreigners with a valid work pass who have lost their existing valid photo card driving licence or whose licence is defaced must apply for a replacement in person at the Traffic Police Headquarters. They must bring their latest passport-sized photograph, existing photo card driving licence and work pass or student/long-term visit pass. A payment of S$25 using NETS or credit will need to be made over the counter.

Do take note that having a valid driving licence is important as it is considered a serious offence to drive or ride without one with offenders facing prosecution in court.

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