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Is the C-HR a Toyota quite unlike any other? Find out.

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Toyota cars have always been a popular choice among drivers who are simply looking for something reliable that gets them from point A to B. Those who are more design-driven usually look somewhere else.

Until the arrival of the Toyota C-HR, that is.

The radical styling of the Compact High Rider SUV marks a departure from Toyotas as we know them and sets the C-HR apart from not just other cars in the Toyota range, but also within the segment.

First impressions count

The racing version of the C-HR made its appearance ahead of the road model’s launch. While the road model looks tamer sans the racing livery, lowered suspension and GT wing, it is definitely no less exciting.

Its ‘diamond architecture’-themed exterior marries sharp facets with smooth curves to create a distinctive styling that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Taillights that project well-beyond the body contours, the upward-sloping beltline that meets the sweeping roofline and terminating in a pronounced rear roof spoiler all suggest the notion of speed. 

More than just a handsome face

Underneath the C-HR’s attractive exterior is a modest 1.2-litre turbocharged engine that produces 114 bhp and 185 Nm of torque.

As long as you don’t let the watching of F1 races get to your head and start trying to emulate Lewis Hamilton on the road, or plan on flooring the accelerator when the traffic lights turn green, the C-HR will perform just fine.

Ignore the whine from the seven-speed CVT transmission, go easy on the throttle, let the car pick up to a leisurely cruising speed, and just take in the appreciate glances being cast your way.    

Premium comfort meets practical functionality

The cabin is relatively spacious and the rear legroom generous by compact SUV standards. The use of soft-touch materials and leather wrappings go a long way in conveying a premium feel within the cabin, together with a 4.2-inch display audio touchscreen and doors that shut with a robust thud.


The equipment and features are fairly comprehensive for a car in this segment and add to the attractiveness of its price point. Both the Active and Luxury variants come equipped with dual-zone climate control, NanoE air purification, blind spot monitor, rear view camera and the Toyota Safety Sense P Package.

Show the world who you really are

The whole C-HR package- from the design, equipment list, body and roof colour combinations, Toyota TRD accessories, and price, will appeal to the targeted younger crowd looking to assert their individuality and personality on the roads.

Top it off with a motor insurance policy from Budget Direct and you have yourself an even sweeter deal. 

By motoring expert, Lynn Tan.

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