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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 1: A quick guide to getting started

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Getting a driving license in Singapore may seem tough due to the standard, systematic procedure. But in fact, it is simpler than you may think. Here’s how you can get started

Applying to learn

Singapore’s largest and most recognised driving centre is ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC). You can sign up for driving lessons at:

205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805
900 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534799

Before you head down to either of the two offices, make sure that you are eligible to apply to learn.


  1. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. You can’t qualify just because you will be 18 years old sometime that year. You must apply after your 18th birthday as stated in your NRIC.
  2. You must not accumulate more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS).
  3. You should be mentally and physically fit to drive. This means that you are not suffering from any diseases such as epilepsy, mental disorder, sudden giddiness, major colour deficiency, or any other mental or physical conditions that may impair your ability to drive.

    If you are suffering from a minor condition of colour deficiency, you will still be eligible to apply for a learner’s license, so long as you can pass both the eye-sight and colour-blindness test that will be conducted when you first enrol.
  4. If you have had a driving license, or a Provisional Driving License (PDL) revoked, make sure that you do not have any outstanding disqualification or suspension that would stop you applying.


If you meet all the requirements stated above, you are eligible to enroll and get started! But be sure to make certain preparations before you head down to apply.

  1. Bring along your NRIC as it is required to register your personal details.
  2. If you are suffering from any eye conditions such as myopia (short-sightedness), or astigmatism (blurred vision), make sure you are wearing your spectacles with the accurate prescription, as you will be required to take a short eye-sight test.
  3. As NETS payment is the preferred choice of payment, ensure that you bring along your NETS card, with sufficient funds in your account.
  4. (Applicable to Foreigners only) You are required to bring along your valid employment pass, work permit, student pass, dependent’s pass or PR.
  5. (Optional) If you are enrolling for tutorage under the school, you can choose to bring along a recent passport size photograph to be displayed on your learner’s license. Otherwise, a photograph will be taken for you when you apply to enrol.

Now you are all set to enrol for a learner’s license! For more advice from our learner driver, look out for further posts in this series.

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