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Learning to drive in Singapore – Part 3: Ace the driving course!

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The driving course can be expensive and time-consuming. But here are insider tips from Budget Direct Insurance to help you complete your driving course smoothly and swiftly.

Course Structure

Before you can conquer the driving course, you first need to understand it. In order to sit behind the wheel, you must acquire a Provisional Driving License (PDL), which is a license that certifies the owner’s right to learn how to drive(!)

To be able to apply for a PDL, you must first pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT). The candidate must attain a minimum score of 45/50, which is equivalent to scoring 90%. At first glance, this may look ambitious, and you may be forgiven for wondering why any test would require such a high passing grade.

The bar is set this high because the Traffic Police want to ensure that every candidate fully understands road traffic rules and regulations before they attempt Singapore’s busy roads. It sends the message that driving carries an immense responsibility. Speaking from personal experience, passing the test is not difficult at all, so long as you have studied and most importantly, attempt the E-trial (trial test) at least once.

What is the E-trial...?

As its name implies, the E-trial is a mock test a candidate can take to experience what the actual test is like. The candidate can attempt more than one mock test paper, so long as they do not exceed the stipulated time.

Personal Tip – After you submit your mock test, you will be brought to a page with all the questions and correct answers. Go through the questions you were unsure of, or that you have answered incorrectly. It’s a quick way to learn. It is also highly recommended to attempt the E-trial more than once, as there are many questions that may be repeated during the actual test.

Next Steps

The best and quickest way to get through the legal driving requirements and on the road:

  1. Enroll at a driving school - book your E-trial and BTT date immediately.
  2. After passing your BTT, head straight to the Traffic Police service counter to apply for your PDL.
    Note When you apply for your PDL, there will be another eye-sight and colour-blindness test. Please remember to bring your glasses if you need them. Failure in one of the two tests will disqualify you from attaining a PDL.
  3. After obtaining your PDL, head back to the driving school’s service centre and book your E-trial and Final Theory Test (FTT) date immediately.
    Note It is mandatory to pass the FTT before you can apply for a practical driving test. Hence, we recommend you sit the FTT while you are in the process of taking driving lessons. It’s a better use of your time.
  4. Be attentive during your driving lessons. Then all that’s left is the practical driving test, which is the final step to completing your driving course.

Additional Information:

Your BTT pass lasts forever, but the FTT expires two years from your pass. Therefore, it is recommended you complete your driving course within two years of passing the FTT.

For a detailed diagram of the driving course structure, click here.

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