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Loading up your car or motorbike. Big fails caught on dashcam

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Whether you’re moving house, packing for a road trip across the causeway or visiting a DIY store, packing and loading your car can be a challenge.

In a nutshell, the Singapore Road Traffic regulations state that all loads on vehicles should not obstruct your sight, interfere with your ability to signal, and must be securely fastened by ropes or other materials.

The weight of the load must also comply with the car model’s own restrictions which you can find in your vehicle handbook.

Check out these dashcam videos from our partners, Beh Chia Lor, showing footage of motorists who could do with a bit of advice when it comes to loading up a vehicle.

You snooze, you lose

caught on dashcam

Transporting a queen-sized mattress on the roof of your car might seem doable when you’re using strong ropes and straps. But think again. When you’re driving at speeds on a motorway like this motorist, it might just stir the mattress enough for it to topple over. Not only that, the mattress here looks set to take off. Is it securely fastened at the front? A sudden brake looks like it could easily send the mattress flying.

Driving while carrying a load on a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner could get you 4 demerit points and a fine of $130.


Our advice.

  • Make sure you have good vision.

    Here the back window is partially blocked by the mattress which could be a breach of traffic regulations.

  • Mattresses don’t tend to be too heavy but do check that any items you transport are within the maximum permitted roof load. The limit may be lower than you think so check your car’s handbook. Ideally, weigh everything you're going to carry including the roof rack itself. Overloading your car can get you a hefty fine plus 6 demerit points.
  • Don't forget the extra height. Many covered car parks will be out-of-bounds with a roof-box on the car
  • Ropes and straps can easily become loose so stop regularly to check them. It’s better not to transport heavy goods on the motorway where you might not get chance to make regular stops and checks.

Other things to think about

You’ll probably need to adjust tyre pressures to suit heavier loads. Heavy loads are likely to affect your car's handling and remember that stopping distances will be longer.


Blade runner

caught on dashcam

Sure, a stick that’s protruding out of the boot of your car may seem harmless at first sight but a grass cutter with its sharp blade exposed is definitely a red flag! Despite the warning alert of a red plastic bag, the sharp end of the grass cutter could do some serious damage. Imagine a motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic and getting too close to the blade or a pedestrian crossing behind the car? Let’s just say this could well be a disaster waiting to happen.


On yer bike 

caught on dashcam

Some might argue that the rider in the photo here looks quite stable with a push-bike hanging off his shoulder. However, he might face some difficulty checking his right side and blind spot for oncoming traffic.

All items transported on vehicles, including motorbikes, are required to be securely fastened and held in place to ensure they don’t fall off and pose a danger to other road users.


Three’s a crowd

caught on dashcam

This is a common sight in many of our neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam but Singapore? While riding a motorcycle can be fun, this trio are taking it to a whole new level. Clearly the rider is almost at the edge of the seat and with such little balance at the front of the vehicle, he could very well lose his balance. As the saying goes, two’s company and three’s a crowd.

The penalty? Carrying excess pillion or carrying pillion sitting not astride is 3 demerit points and possibly a fine of $120.


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