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Love Your Car And Save Your Dollars More #budget car hacks

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Money may buy you a car, but it’s love that will keep it on the road. But how do you know when enough is enough? Especially at that awkward moment.

When a mechanic presents you with a huge ‘To Do’ list. Here’s the third in our series of Budget Direct Insurance car hacks – to help keep maintenance costs down. Expert tips to ensure you and your car can look forward to a happy, low-cost future together.

1. Easy Does It

Aggressive driving is a quick way to rack up a large fuel bill. Easing to a stop, rather than slamming on the brakes, also helps keep money in your pocket.

According to extensive research,

“You’ll extend the life of your brakes and get the appropriate 20,000-30,000 kms rather than 10,000” fueleconomy.gov

Maintenance savings: Change of break pads $150-$250 (labour incl.), change of break fluid $120-$160

2. Clean Up and Save

Your air filter keeps dirt out of your car’s engine, improving fuel economy. In addition, “failure to clean the air filter may cause your car to overheat,” warns carro.sg, a car specialist based in Singapore.

This, you do not want! Check the owner’s manual to note when to change the air filter. This is a quick fix you can do yourself in less than five minutes. Maintenance savings: $30-$70/set

3. Change It Up

Front tyres wear more quickly than rear ones. By changing them, you help ensure even wear, and you won’t have to replace them early. Your owner’s manual will tell you when to switch. At the very least, you must replace them once they are worn to prevent loss of control, especially on wet roads. An easy way to check?

“Check wear by using a 50 cents coin and fitting it into the tyre tread. If you can see the shield of the Singapore emblem, you have to change your tyre.

Failure to do so will cause your car to have insufficient traction.” carro.sg

Maintenance savings: If you can rotate your tyres, you save $20-$50. Changing before an accident caused by skidding – priceless.

4. Just Say No

Your mechanic may try to persuade you to change your oil filter every time you change the oil. The facts? Most cars only need a change of oil filter every 10,000 km. If in doubt, check your owner’s manual.

Maintenance savings: $6-$16 per oil filter

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