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The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV in Singapore: Unbiased Car Review

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The extensive Mercedes-Benz lineup gets a little more confusing with the all-electric EQE SUV joining the fray alongside the EQE sedan. Then again, the two are very closely related, with the SUV providing some extra practicality over the sedan. Given today’s market, we wouldn’t mind betting the mid-large-size EQE SUV will outsell its sedan sibling too.


  • Spacious interior
  • Interior design
  • Slippery aerodynamics

Less good:

  • Few trim options
  • Ride quality on poor surfaces
  • Strange brake pedal
  • Looks like an EV

What is the Singapore Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV?

The EQE SUV is a mid-sized, five-seat, all-electric SUV. In Singapore there are two models on offer, the base-model EQE 300 Electric Art SUV, and for a whopping $193,000 extra, the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV.

While the latter does offer a lot more performance and standard equipment, we reckon the base model will be more than enough car for most buyers, and it’s the base model (albeit with slightly different trim) that is on test here.

The EQE 300 is powered by a single 180kW (240hp), 550Nm electric motor, which drives the rear wheels only. The claimed 0-100km/h time is a reasonable 7.6 seconds, and the 90.56kWh battery is claimed to provide a range of 565km between charges.

On the maximum recommended 170kW DC charger, Mercedes claims the battery will reach 80 percent capacity in 32 minutes.

How does it drive?

The ride quality is focused on comfort and opulence and luxury – what we consider to be traditional Mercedes-Benz traits – and it is nice to be in a car that is not trying to be overtly sporty.

The standard ‘Comfort’ suspension does a fine job most of the time, but it does struggle a bit with potholes and expansion joints. The AIRMATIC active suspension does a better job, but that’s only available on the more expensive AMG version. Still, on Singapore’s mostly smooth roads, the base Comfort suspension should be just fine.

Refinement is the name of the game, and the EQE delivers. There can be tyre noise on coarse surfaces, which shouldn’t be much of a problem on Singapore roads.

While the test car was fitted with 21-inch wheels, Singapore EQE 300 SUVs ride on 20-inch items, which are likely to add to the feeling of refinement and may be slightly less noisy too.

Grip levels are quite high. The traction and stability control systems are more than good enough to get the 240hp and 550Nm of torque to the road without the need for all-wheel drive.

While the claimed consumption of the test car was 16.4kWh/100km, we saw closer to 20kWh/100km including a fair amount of higher speed country driving, but that would still give us 445km of range, which is decent.

Handling is balanced and capable up to a point. The EQE is heavy – nearly 2.5 tonnes – and that means changing direction, particularly on a wet road, requires a bit more care. Also bringing it to a stop from high speed, the mass makes itself felt.

What we don’t like is that when the regenerative braking kicks in, the brake pedal moves away from the driver. It feels counterintuitive, particularly when you first experience it, and we’d like to see the system gone.

Safety features are well executed, however. Strong lane-centering, adaptive cruise, blind-spot monitoring, and the 360-degree camera all make life easy behind the wheel.

Steering is reliable, though there’s not a lot of feedback through the wheel.

Overall though, the EQE 300 is a really nice balanced rear-wheel drive car, and reasonably agile for its size and weight.

It’s all about dignified, comfortable progress rather than outright speed – so probably what most Singaporean Mercedes-Benz buyers are after.

What’s the cabin like?

The cabin is the selling point of the EQE SUV: It is comfortable, the design is pleasing, and everything you touch feels high-quality.

Choice of interior specs is quite limited, though. There are three interior colour options in Singapore: black/balao brown, black/space grey, and neva grey/balao brown.

The test car had a neva grey/Biscay blue scheme that is not on the Singapore options list, but we’d definitely choose the neva grey because it really brightens the cabin and makes it feel much more luxurious.

A central touchscreen and floating driver’s display comes as standard. Singapore cars don’t get the Burmester audio or the Hyperscreen or climate seats unless you go for the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV.

While we’d like the high-end audio and climate seats, the Hyperscreen – which replaces the wood trim with an integrated dash with three embedded screens – wouldn’t be our choice even if it were on offer.

Space is the name of the game here, and the EQE SUV delivers. There is definitely enough room in the rear for three passengers, with excellent headroom and legroom.

The capacious boot should handle their luggage too – bootspace is 520 litres, expandable to a massive 1,675 litres with seats folded.


If you’re looking for luxury and comfort in an electric SUV – and we think traditional Mercedes-Benz buyers value comfort and luxury above just about anything else – then the EQE 300 SUV might be the car for you.

The cabin is spacious and exudes quality, while also providing all the tech today’s car buyers expect.

The ride is suitably comfortable and refined, and the performance and range hit their marks.

If you already have a GLE or GLC you’ll feel right at home in the EQE. It’s easy to drive, it’s comfortable, and it’s not trying to be the sportiest car in the segment – unless you have $193,000 burning a hole in your pocket and a hankering for the AMG EQE 53 variant.

The video is produced by ChasingCars, partner of our sister company Budget Direct Australia. Some features or options in the car build may not be applicable to the Singapore market (including the availability of car parts). Note that all prices quoted in the video are in AUD. Remember to check with your local dealer for details.

Written by motoring journalist, Tony Tan

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