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New Driver? 6 expert tips to keep you safe

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Every day in Singapore, a few new drivers join the road. If you are a new driver, congratulations, you are about to join the 601, 257 cars on the Little Red Dot!

The majority of people who get their licence are aged between 18-25, and being a young driver comes with a number of well-known challenges. Here are expert tips to help keep you and your passengers safe. 

  1. Be aware to your surroundings

     You may think that you have your full attention on the road but, at times, it’s easy to zone out. Stay alert, and avoid driving if you feel sleepy. 

  2. Pay attention to traffic lights

    At times, a new driver can pay more attention to road signs and fail to keep a lookout for traffic signals. Be aware when your attention is slipping and always anticipate the road ahead. 

  3. Get to know your car

    The car you use for your driving lessons in Singapore, is not necessarily the vehicle you’ll be driving after you pass your test. Before you take to the road, familiarize yourself with your own car. Check the lights, indicators, mirrors, window wipers and so on. Take the car for a drive on a quiet road before you head out into faster traffic. 

  4. Check your blind spots

    Blind spots are areas that your mirrors do not show. This is why it is crucial to do a shoulder check to make sure the road is clear before making a turn or switching lanes. Keep a careful look out for motorbikes and cyclists as these are harder to see. 

  5. Do not use your mobile!!

    Nothing is more urgent than your safety when driving. Don’t be tempted to multi task - messaging and driving is dangerous and illegal. A message or phone call can always wait until you are safely parked . 

  6. Do not drink and drive

    In 2016, drink driving caused 134 accidents and resulted in 2,297 arrests. Drink driving is not just about your own safety but the safety of your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians as well. When intoxicated, your reaction time is much slower.  Never drink and drive. 

Why is Car insurance important?

In Singapore, it is against the law to drive without car insurance. If you drive a car, insurance is your back up plan. It’s for the day when your car breaks down, gets damaged or stolen, maybe you’re injured and need emergency hospital treatment. 

No stress, pay less

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Insurance should be simple and fair, quick and easy to buy, at a price that’s affordable. Your best back up plan.

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