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Nissan Infiniti Q30 Fast, capable and oddly familiar!

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Sharing is caring. It’s good to spread the love and help a buddy out, and that’s what the Infiniti Q30 is all about. This car shares more than a few things with one of its closest rivals. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh?

1) What is it?

The Infiniti Q30 is a hatchback/crossover mix, as is the trend these days. Infiniti, if you didn’t know, is the premium brand of Japanese carmaker Nissan (like Lexus is to Toyota). The Q30 marks Niassan’s entrance into the premium compact segment, where everyone seems want to be. The likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have all been making small cars to attract younger buyers to the fold, and Infiniti, like that proverbial eager new kid on the block, wants a piece of that action too.

2) Hot or not?

If you’ve had a go in one of Mercedes-Benz’s small cars lately - like an A-Class or a GLA-Class - you’ll find the interior of the Q30 familiar. Very familiar. It’s not a coincidence, nor has Infiniti shamelessly ripped off its German competitor. Rather, the Q30 and the Mercedes-Benz cars are actually siblings of sorts.

You see, Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz have an engineering agreement to share certain stuff, like engines. And when Infiniti wanted some help in developing a small car, the German carmaker very kindly stepped in to assist. The result is a car that, well, feels very much like a Mercedes. The 2.0-litre turbo petrol version is essentially the same as the Mercedes GLA 250, right down to the same engine and power output. It feels fast, smooth, and capable - usual Continental car qualities.

There are some differences of course, like the styling, as well as some bits of the interior, such as the touchscreen infotainment system. The Q30 also has four-wheel-drive, unlike its front-wheel-drive Merc equivalent. As such, it feels a tad more poised and steady when you push it through the corners.

3) Should I buy one?

That really depends on how much value you place on a badge and its associated brand image. The Infiniti Q30 is nearly as good as its Mercedes sibling, but costs nearly 20K less. Some would say it looks better too. The Q30’s sleek styling ensures that it stands out from the crowd. So if you can get over not driving a car with a three-pointed star, then Mercedes seems to have very generously offered you an alternative. How nice of them to share!

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