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Clamp down on parking rage. Carparks that drive Singaporeans round the bend.

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Parking rage. It’s a thing and it appears to be getting worse in Singapore. Most of us have been there… We’ve waited patiently for a spot only for someone to snatch it right from under us. It’s triggering.

A recent brawl at Chinatown Point over a parking space went viral on Singapore’s social media. Incidents can get ugly and they do.

Guilty, your honour. 

Anybody who drives has surely succumbed to moments of hostility towards their fellow road users. Let’s face it – too many drivers behave in ways that would test the patience of the Dalai Lama.

If it is not bad enough on public roads, in carparks tempers seem even more frayed. Nothing gets blood to boil as quickly as having someone steal a space you’ve been patiently waiting for.

While kiasu is often celebrated, it has no place in this circumstance. The road system only works when everybody plays by the same rules. That’s why there are rules. In carparks, however, there are no rules to determine who has the rights to a spot. A certain amount of politeness is required, and is often, sadly, absent.

What to do when fate throws you under the bus?

1. This should be obvious but do pause to think and remember any physical altercation will lead to a trip to the police station, and quite probably on to court and jail, so that’s a temptation well resisted.

2. While the desire to get retribution is strong, realize that your anger is unlikely to change anybody else’s behavior. What you need to do is take a few deep breaths and move on. Whatever your religious leanings, there is always some comfort in the thought that their bad behavior translates to bad karma.

3. Remain calm whilst you’re waiting for a departing driver to start their car and move off so you can grab their parking spot. We all know it doesn’t take five minutes to put your seat-belt on and start your car but if you show your impatience to the other driver then it will most likely take them even longer. Many motorists are stubborn and don’t like to be rushed. So leave out the eye-rolling, the hand gestures, the stares and the car horn. Breathe deeply…

4. Jostling for that prime parking spot isn’t worth it. Don’t be too picky about where you park. You can put in a bit of extra legwork and park away from the mall for a lot less stress.

5. If you’re backed up waiting to get into a carpark, relax, it’s out of your control. Busy your brain with a good podcast. No point in huffing and puffing your way through the traffic queue and getting more frazzled, it won’t get you there any quicker.

So let’s take a look at the overcrowded carparks where you’re most likely to wind up in a fight.

Here are our top 10 worst carparks. 

- Open carpark at Holland Village – behind the food market.

- Open carpark besides Wheelock Place.

- Open carpark at the back of Bugis +.

- Serangoon Garden.

- HDB carpark next to Nex.

- Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

- The Paragon.

- Jalan Kayu – at the prata place.

- Army market at Beach Road.

- Chinatown Point carpark. 

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