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Road trip Singapore. Away from the crowds, back in time

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Want to see crocodiles, monitor lizards, herons, kingfishers and even sea otters? Road trips in Singapore are all about places difficult to get to by car, bus or MRT. So let’s hit the road.

From the highlands of Malaysia to the beaches of Australia, the intrepid travel team at Budget Direct Insurance has been celebrating the magnificence of the road trip in a series of posts. Here’s our easy planner to a great road trip Singapore style!

1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

One of the most important wetland reserves in Singapore and home to freshwater estuarine crocodiles, monitor lizards, herons, kingfishers and even sea otters. A pleasant boardwalk, hides and lookout points along the way as well as a gallery showing all the species you can spot.

Just as Changi airport is a popular stop off point for human travellers, so is the reserve for migratory birds on their way to Australia to escape the cold winters of Siberia. Spot diverse flocks of shorebirds or waders including plovers and sandpipers during the migratory period of September to March.

Where? 301 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718925. Plenty of parking

2. Last Kampong

Show your children what life used to be like, or take a trip down memory lane by visiting what’s know as the very last kampong in Singapore. Named Lorong Buangkok, the village is set on three acres of land in the north-eastern region of Singapore.

The charming village is home to around 28 families, both Malay and Chinese who still maintain some of the traditional ways of life. Guavas, papayas, rambutan, tapioca plants, cocoa plants, edible bamboo shoots, bougainvillea and hibiscus grow among the diverse village houses while the high rise blocks cast a long shadow over them.

The kampong receives many visitors so please tread carefully and leave your car outside.

Where? 7 Lor Buangkok, Singapore 547557

3. Time for refreshment?

A seriously cool cafe, The Coastal Settlement, is a little gem just outside Changi Village. Head inside and you’ll be greeted by an eclectic mix of vintage chairs and bicycles hanging from the walls and ceilings, with old vespas and gramophones dotted around.

A good menu and well worth the drive. Take a walk on Changi boardwalk to work off the pounds after eating!

Where? 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529.Open Tuesday-Sunday 1030-midnight (closed on Mondays except public holidays).

You may not need as many snacks or an overnight bag for a road trip Singaporean style, but with a bit of imagination the open road can still be yours.

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