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Save 33% by not doing this Top 4 #budget car hacks

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Your car. It means you don’t have to brave a squashed and sweaty MRT in the morning. This is a good thing. A bad thing is when your car starts costing you money. We don’t want you driving around feeling like you are in a bad relationship with your car.

Here are our top four Budget Direct Insurance car hacks. To help ensure you and your car have a happy, low-cost future together.

1. Lower petrol costs by 33%

Aggressive driving – fast acceleration and hard braking are the best ways to waste petrol. Research shows that you can lower your costs by 33% at motorway speeds and by 5% in town simply by cutting this out.

2. Save 25% on the a/c

No one wants to sit in a car that feels like an oven, but decreasing your air-con even a little can save up to 25% on your fuel costs. On a cooler day, you could even roll the windows down and cruise!

3. Save energy, save $$

Using your car’s recommended grade of motor oil will lower engine friction; preventing metal surfaces from grating. You save on fuel + wear and tear.

4. Save more than just money

Maintaining the right tyre pressure offers a couple of money saving advantages. You cut down on friction with the road, plus your tyres last longer. You can find your car’s correct tyre pressure in the driver’s manual, printed on a sticker in the driver’s doorframe or the glove compartment. And it’s a lot safer – greater control on the road and less chance of a blowout. That could save more than just money.

More car hacks coming your way soon.

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