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What type of Singapore driver are you?

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Let’s face it: if you drive in Singapore, you can count yourself something of a hero. What with hefty ERP charges, rush hour congestion, and traffic cops waiting with laser cameras, spending time on the roads can be something of a challenge.

And then there are the other motorists. Singapore drivers who can make the experience, let’s just say, a bit more ‘lively’.

Here’s a look at a few types of drivers you are likely to encounter on Singapore’s roads. Do you recognize yourself in any of these? 

1) The dawdler

Modern cars are quite capable of going from zero to the legal speed limit in a matter of seconds, but in the hands of the dawdler, not so much. Often spotted on the left most lane, trundling along at a snail’s pace, the dawdler believes in setting their own pace as they motor along sweetly. After all, it’s all about the journey, not the destination, right? We all get there in the end, so why bother going any faster than 40?

2) The fast and furious

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those whose driving exploits appear to be inspired by action movies. These Vin Diesel impersonators drive as if auditioning for a part in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Flashing lights, impatient honks, plus weaving in and out of traffic are the order of the day. They have to look good and impress the audience with their ‘adventurous’ moves!

3) The law-abiding citizen

Right in the middle are those who follow the rulebook strictly. They position their cars nicely at junctions and never over the line. They wait for the right traffic signal to appear before moving, and they have never so much as performed an illegal U-turn. They probably got good grades in school!

4) The confused

Despite our Government’s best efforts at maintaining logic and order, the fact is, some of our roads can be a bit confusing for inexperienced drivers. Especially the CBD area with its challenging one-way system. For those who aren’t familiar with our road system, navigating through our city can become a bit bewildering. Poor souls can get caught halfway between a junction, trapped and unsure of where to turn. Someone get them an up-to-date GPS navigation system please!

5) The ‘winner’

You know the type, the smug bloke who always had to be number ONE in class. We have a local word for that. It’s called ‘kiasu’, or afraid to lose. Out on the roads, this attitude manifests itself in minor stuff such as always having to be the first car at the lights, to more sinister acts like refusing to give way to cars that are pulling out or trying to change lanes.

Rewards for safer drivers

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