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In a hurry? Here’s what NOT to do. Caught on dashcam!

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Impatient motorists drive us mad. The Singapore online forums are filled with irate motorists complaining about impatient, inconsiderate drivers. The roads are teeming with drivers in too much of a hurry and happy to take crazy risks to get ahead of the crowd.

Budget Direct Insurance has partnered with motoring experts at Beh Chia Lor to bring you some more jaw-dropping dashcam videos that will make you see red.

Here are a few good lessons in what NOT to do when you’re in a hurry.

Check your blind spots

caught on dashcam

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Who’s in the wrong? Here, we have a motorcyclist trying to overtake on the inside of a stationary taxi rather than slowing down and either stopping to wait for the taxi to drop-off or overtaking on the outside.

At the same time, we have an impatient passenger who won’t wait the few seconds it takes to make sure that no-one is approaching before opening the taxi door.

Both motorcyclist and passenger could have avoided this nasty accident if they’d had a bit more patience and slowed things down a little to think. A lesson learned for all of us.

Seeing red

caught on dashcam

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Drivers often think that beating a traffic light will not cause much of a hassle but they are absolutely wrong. Large numbers of accidents happen when drivers try to race through on red.

Here you can see the driver in the black car speeding through the red traffic light and just about missing a head-on collision with an approaching truck. Nothing is that urgent that it warrants breaking a red light and putting your own life and the lives of others at risk.

Thankfully in this instance no-one was hurt but it was way too close for comfort. Next time he might not be so lucky.

Get me out of here!

caught on dashcam

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Okay, we know carparks can be confusing. But stop, breathe and take the time to read the signs properly. If not, then this is what happens when you’re in a hurry. Here you can see the white car is trying to exit through the entrance gantry. Reversing your way up hill to another exit is no fun, dangerous and let’s face it… extremely time consuming.

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