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The Polite Driving Test

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Most of us like to think of ourselves as pretty good drivers, don’t we? Many of us passed our driving test with flying colours, sailed through our theory test and have no major bumps or scratches on the motor, but how considerate are we to other road users?

Are you game to find out by taking the Budget Direct Polite Driving Test?

Well, just for fun we have carried out (in the office) a totally and utterly unscientific survey of some of the worst faux pas drivers in Singapore commit every single day.

Take this tongue in cheek test and find out how polite a driver you really are.

  1. Do you pip your horn at lights when the driver in front has taken more than a second to move off?
  2. Do you ever bang on the hazard warning lights and think this means you can to do what you like or stop where you want on the road?
  3. Do you ever move lanes or make a manoeuvre without following the right sequence – mirror, signal, manoeuvre?
  4. Do you ever stop abruptly in the left hand lane to let someone out or pick some up, usually with no warning or indication?
  5. Do you hedge your bets and drive straddled between lanes then decide at the last minute which lane of traffic is moving faster and join that one?
  6. Do you jump the red light after at least two other cars in front of you have done the same?
  7. When there’s a long line of traffic, do you drive up in another lane, or slam on your indicator and push in the front?
  8. Do you wait with your engine running in car parks for another driver to return to their car so you can take their spot near to the lift or escalator?
  9. Do you refuse to let other drivers move into your lane for legitimate reasons while they gesticulate wildly and mouth “please let me in”?
  10. Do you thank other drivers for letting you in a land or slowing down for you after you have moved into their lane?

So how did you do? How many of these driving faux pas are you guilty of?

0-3 Wow, you are some polite driver! We all slip up manners wise on the road from time to time, but you are doing pretty well.

4-6 Not too bad, there may be room for improvement.

6+ Some serious room for improvement, we recommend some deep breathing and relaxation moves behind the wheel!

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