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Top 7 Baby Car Seats and Boosters in Singapore 2023

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For every new or experienced parent out there, if you’re driving with your newborn baby, then having a car seat is extremely important to keep your baby safe and sound during any trip. In the case of accidents, research showed that car seats help to reduce the incidence of death in road traffic accidents by 50% to 70%. Additionally, anyone below the height of 1.35m is required by law in Singapore to be secured with an appropriate restraint, booster seat or adjustable seatbelt. However, just simply preparing a car seat is not enough, parents also need to find the most suitable ones for their kids and understand how to correctly restrain them. Kids who are not restrained properly are exposed to 7 times more risks than kids that are.

Understanding these concerns, Budget Direct has compiled a list of 7 best* baby car seats in 2022 and 2023 to ease the decision process with detailed guides on accurately securing your baby in a car seat.

*Disclaimer: The car seats compiled in this article are solely based on the opinion of the blog writer and do not appear in any particular order of ranking. Any brand, product name, logo, trademark or image of the featured car seats are the property of their respective trademark owners. Budget Direct is not affiliated with any of the brands/products mentioned in this article and does not obtain monetary gain from featuring these brands/products or from your clicking on the links to the websites of these brands/products through this article.


There are some criteria you should consider before purchasing a car seat:

  • Inspect your car/car fit: Not all car seats can be placed perfectly in your car. Car seat options depend on the shapes, sizes and types of the car. For example, some cars do not have ISOFIX/ LATCH compatible for car seat installation, so parents need to ensure the ones they choose are compatible with their car system. If you’re thinking to change your car, then that is one thing to keep in mind. You can either ask the sellers to give you some advice or have an installation check to make sure you are getting the correct one which is most suitable for your vehicle.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: this is something to be mindful of, especially when it is your first time buying a car seat. When a baby first starts to ride in a vehicle, it is normal for them to feel unease (vomit, spill milk etc.) And during times like that, it is ideal that your car seat is made with material that is easy to wipe and wash. Most car seats include cleaning instructions, so you can check beforehand.
  • Having a safety indication: A good car seat should come with a safety indicator demonstrating whether the seat was installed correctly or not. This allows parents to ensure that the seat is safe too enough to put the baby in and hit the road. There are also some safety standards on weight, height and age conducted by the Singapore government that are essential to follow.
  • Functionality/Comfort: A car seat is an investment that you want to keep for a few years and therefore investing in a suitable seat with maximum functionality and comfort is essential to getting value for your money. Which is why determining whether you want a convertible baby booster is essential. You want your child to feel most comfortable, especially if you are taking them for a long drive, this will also help the child be patient and less irritated.
  • Weight limit/Age recommendations: Weight and age limit are significant factors when considering purchasing a baby booster. This will make sure your child fits into the baby booster in a comfortable manner, but also hold them securely so that they are also safe.

Let's jump into the top 10 baby car seats for children in no particular order. Our research is based on how many people search for particular brands and the reviews and ratings amongst the products.

1. Britax: ONE4LIFE


One4Life convertible to booster car seat grows with your child for 10 years—from 2.27-54.43 kg & up to 160 cm tall. As the only all-in-one with ClickTight, it’s easy to install in seconds, so you’ll know it’s right. Every time. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your child is surrounded by Trusted Britax Safety and Full Body Protection.

Specific criteria:

  • Product weight: 13.6kg
  • Product Dimension: 52.1CM (L) x 49.5CM (W) x 63.5CM (H)
  • Harness slot height: 35.56CM
  • Buckle Strap Depths: 7.6CM, 14CM – 22.23CM
  • Colour: Cadet, Drift, Eclipse Black, Cool N Dr

Price: S$899.00 – S$939.00


  • Lightweight and easy to install with all-in-one with ClickTight
  • Easy-Read Level Indicators help you find the correct recline angle when installing the car seat
  • Convenient for travelling
  • Easy to clean with Removable Cover for easy cleaning without taking off the harness.


  • You can really go wrong with Britax ONE4LIFE
  • More on the higher end of the price spectrum

2. Bonbijou: Junior Booster Seat+

Junior Booster Seat+

One4Life convertible to booster car seat grows with your child for 10 years—from 2.27-54.43 kg & up to 160 cm tall. As the only all-in-one with ClickTight, it’s easy to install in seconds, so you’ll know it’s right. Every time. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your child is surrounded by Trusted Britax Safety and Full Body Protection.

Specific criteria:

  • Product weight: 2.2kg
  • Product Dimension: 41CM (L) x 39CM (W) x 21 CM (H)
  • Suitable from 22kg to 36kg (Group 3)
  • Compact booster seat with armrest
  • ISOFIX latch system
  • Safety Standard ECE R44/04

Price: S$119.00


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and wide seat
  • Lightweight, easy to transfer from car to boot
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Shoulder belt clip to adjust belt away from child's neck


  • Not suitable for newborns as they require the additional back support

3. Britax: Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The Boulevard® ClickTight® convertible car seat conveniently transitions from rear-facing to forward-facing as your kid grows from infant to toddler. It has ClickTight technology for easy installation and a SafeWash® cover with no flame retardant chemicals added. Clean lines and soothing colour palettes are used to create a sleek aesthetic that both children and parents will appreciate.

Specific criteria:

  • Product Dimension: 58.42 CM (L) x 46.99 CM (W) x 60.20 CM (H)
  • Outgrowing this seat in the rear-facing position by height won’t be an issue because it’s so tall that all kids (even the really tall, really skinny kids) will fit height-wise if they are still under 18kg. Children can rear-face until their heads are 1″ below the adjuster on the headrest, which can be fully extended.
  • Forward-facing 9-30kg., 49″ or less, at least 1 year old (Britax recommends that children ride rear-facing to the highest weight or height specified)
  • LATCH limits: 16kg rear-facing, 18kg. forward-facing (child weight only)
  • FAA approved for use on aircraft
  • 10 yr lifespan before seat expires

Price: S$499


  • Generous height and weight limits for rear-facing and forward-facing
  • Harness straps are thick and not prone to twisting
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room rear-facing if installed more upright for an older baby or toddler. This makes it a good option for smaller cars or for tall parents.
  • Easy to remove cover
  • Premium fabrics and extra padding for comfort


  • LATCH un-installation can be a real challenge
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Limited rear-facing leg room for older children near the upper limits of the seat
  • Newborn recline angle may be difficult to achieve in some vehicles without a pool noodle

4. Britax: Grow With You ClickTight Plus Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

ClickTight Plus Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Grow With You™ ClickTight Plus grows with your child from toddler to big kid. ClickTight technology allows for easy installation, a SafeWash® cover with no additional FR chemicals, and a variety of bright colours to fit your child's individual personality.

Specific criteria:

  • Product weight: 14.06 kg
  • Product Dimension: 49.5 × 48.9 × 73.7 CM
  • Child Fit: 11.3 – 54.4kg or Up to124.5CM(Forward Facing), Up to 160CM(Booster)

Price: S$675


  • 9-position no-rethread harness; 3 buckle positions
  • SafeCell technology in base; “rip stitch” energy management versa-tether
  • Dual integrated cup holders


  • Heavy & bulky

5. Mifold: hifold fit-and-fold booster

hifold fit-and-fold booster

The Mifold hifold fit-and-fold booster is one of the world's most adjustable highback booster seat. It’s designed for older kids from 4 and above. The product aims to provide a convenient experience for parents while keeping their children safe and comfortable on the road.

Specific criteria:

  • children age 4 and up weighting 40 - 100 ibs and 40 - 59 in tall

Price: S$259


  • Easy to adjust feature the unique "Multi-Fit™" technology with 234 individual settings for optimal belt fit and comfort
  • Easy to folds down for better storage
  • Made with a convenient carry strap which ensures ease of portability whether for taking on vacation, moving from car to car or for carpooling and taxis.
  • Regulated for global use. (except Australia)
  • Lightweight only around 4.6kg
  • The brands provide easy to follow installation instructions


  • Does not support LATCH
  • Can be narrow for bigger kids
  • Because of its lightweight feature, it is not stable and can move when the kid try to move.
  • Require readjusting after every fold

6. Britax: SKYLINE


Designed for school-age kids who are at least 40 lbs., 44″ tall, and mature enough to sit properly in a booster seat. These versatile Britax boosters will grow with your older child. Very tall maximum height setting. Good head and torso support for sleeping kids and for enhanced protection in side-impact crashes. Skyline has a “Best Best” fit rating when used as a highback booster.

Specific criteria:

  • Product weight: 4.4 kg
  • Product Dimension: 38 × 46 × 71-89 CM
  • Child Fit: 96.5CM – 160.0CM

Price: S$199.99


  • W10 position headrest
  • Can be installed with lower LATCH connectors
  • Lined with EPP foam
  • Two removable, dishwasher-safe cup holders
  • Less expensive than the similar Britax Highpoint
  • Narrower by about 1.5″ than the Britax Highpoint because it lacks the side impact cushions at the shoulders


  • Lacks some of the features found on the more expensive Britax dedicated boosters



Highpoint Superior safety is combined with a stylish design in this backless booster seat. It effortlessly transforms from a high back booster to a backless booster, allowing your child to ride safer and for a longer period of time. An energy-absorbing shell, side cushions, and a 10-position, quick-adjust headrest that grows with your kid up to 160cm are included in the three levels of side impact protection. Two dishwasher-safe cup holders keep drinks and munchies close at hand. Your large youngster will love the ride because of the velvety, foam cushioning and built-in arm rests.

Specific criteria:

  • Product weight:7.7 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 29 × 53.1 × 71.9 CM
  • Child fit: Weight: 18KG to 54KG or up to 160.0CM

Price: S$332


  • 10 position headrest
  • Can be installed with lower LATCH connectors
  • Lined with EPP foam
  • External side impact cushions
  • Adjustable SecureGuard™ Belt Positioning Clip helps position lap belt properly
  • Two removable, dishwasher-safe cup holders


  • Does not convert to a backless booster

Things to be aware of:

1. Car seat expiration date

Why does a car seat have an expiration date?

When it comes to a car seat, you want to be able to use it forever and get value for money but in saying that, car seats do have an expiration date. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to the expiration date.

These include:

  • Improved Technology
  • Changing Standards (according to law and regulations)
  • Wearing Down of Materials
  • Products Recalls
  • Damage from usage
So, how do you find the expiration date on a baby car seat?

All industry standard car seats must have a sticker on the seat indicating the date of manufacture. The location of expiration date can be situated anywhere on the seat and thus you may need to look along the slides, the bottom or the back of the seat to find it.

How long can I generally keep a baby car seat?

Depending on the manufacturer's date, car seats can usually be used for up to six to 8 years. A manufacturer will base the expiration date based on how long expect the car seat is to function in a safe and comfortable manner. Thus, the dates can vary for each brand and model.

What if I continue using it after the expiration date?

There isn't much information on expiration date laws with regard to car seats, and NHTSA does not say anything prohibiting parents from using an expired car seat. In saying this, you should not ignore the expiration date or the safety of the car seat as it is there to protect your child.

Disposal of an expired car seat?

If a car baby seat or booster seat has expired then is it recommended that the item be disposed of permanently so that it's not reused by anyone else. It has been advised by car technicians to recycle the car seat accordingly by cutting the harness straps and removing the padding to properly dispose of it.

A car seat or booster seat that has expired should be permanently disposed of so it cannot be reused by anyone else. Car seat technicians tell parents to “destroy” the car seat. This means cutting the harness straps and removing the padding prior to recycling the car seat or putting it in the trash.

2. FAQ on how to install a car seat

What are the common mistakes made with car seat installation?

A common mistake parents make when installing a car seat is purchasing a car seat fit for the child based on age rather than height. Children vary dramatically in height and weight when they are in the younger stages of their life and the car seat should fit accordingly to the child and suit the specific model of the car.

Seatbelt vs latch?

Both modes are equally safe and so parents should pick whether they want a seatbelt or latch based on car safety and the vehicle.

Where should the car seat be placed?

The location of the car seat and direction of the installation is an important consideration to take as there are industry guidelines in place for specific ages which are listed below:

  • Children under the age of six months must use a rear-facing car seat.
  • Children aged six months to four years can use either a rear facing car seat or a forward facing car seat.
  • Children aged four years to seven years (approx.) must travel in a forward facing car seat or booster seat. Although staying in a harnessed seat is the safest option.

To conclude, sometimes driving your child can be difficult. To make the car journey ride as smooth and hassle-free as possible, take a look at the guide to ensure you have met the needs of your child by comparing the criteria to the proposed baby seat. This will allow your child to feel comfortable and you will feel confident that your child is safe in their seat.

We have put this article together because here at Budget Direct, we know how important it is protecting your new baby or young children. We also know that protecting your vehicle is important as well which is why we offer some of Singapore's cheapest car insurance rates.

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