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Unsure about going electric? The new Renault Zoe might change your mind

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Are you ready to embrace electro-mobility? Maybe the New Renault Zoe can help you decide.

Without a doubt, the future of mobility lies in electrification. All the major car manufacturers already have some form of electric vehicle (EV), while others have introduced hybrids as a transition leading up to going full electric.

Many drivers are still hesitant about jumping on the electric bandwagon. The most common concerns usually revolve around questions about reliability, range, battery lifespan and access to charging points.

But if you look at it objectively, an EV such as the New Renault Zoe really does make a compelling case as a city runabout, especially in an urban context such as Singapore.

Going the distance

With a class-leading driving range of 367 km on a single charge (measured based on the New European Driving Cycle NEDC), and a real-world range of up to 315 km, the Zoe is the longest driving range mass market EV passenger vehicle in Singapore.

This is realised through a combination of advanced technologies. The new Z.E. 40 battery- the market’s highest energy-density battery, enhances the battery’s storage capacity without increasing its size and mass.

The extended range is also thanks to technical qualities such as the regenerative braking system, a highly energy-efficient R90 motor and an ECO mode.

Making sense of dollars and cents

It only costs $10.59 to fully charge up the Zoe. Taking into consideration other running costs such as consumables, road tax and servicing, the Zoe will save you an estimated $2,307.26 annually compared to a standard combustion engine vehicle.

And because there is zero emissions, you also get to enjoy a $20,000 Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) rebate.

RUNNING COST - Renault ZOE vs Combustion Engine Vehicle

ZOE Combustion Engine Vehicle
Consumption 16.1kWh/100km 5.5L/100km
Cost of Consumables $0.2582/kWh $2.2800/L
Cost per Full Charge/Tank $10.59 $114(based on 50L tank)
Range per Full Charge/Tank 367km 909km
Annual Consumption Cost (based on 20,000km) $831.40 $2,508.00
Annual Road Tax $726 $626 (based on 1.4-litre)
Estimated Servicing (Based on 30,000km) $404 (2 servicing) $1,500 (3 servicing)

Estimated annual saving: $2,307.26

Wearnes Automotive, Renault
Date: 1 Oct - 31 Dec 2018

All the other things that matter

Design-wise, the Zoe may look like a regular hatchback at first glance, but the Renault Z.E. signature blue elements such as the blue-tinted headlamps and blue-edge rear lights give it a slightly futuristic vibe and offers a clue to its electric identity.

The interior is stylishly simple- it is French after all, and the relatively spacious cabin sits five. Features such as foldable rear seats, a seven-inch touchscreen navigation and multimedia system, walk-away auto lock, and a 338-litre boot capacity- the largest in its class, check the practicality, convenience and comfort boxes too. It even has a remote control pre-conditioning function that cools the cabin before you enter, definitely a godsend in our climate.

The Zoe is no lacking in the driving department either. An electric motor means instantaneous torque and smooth acceleration.

Is it for me?

An average annual mileage of 20,000 km works out to be just over 50 km daily. Based on a real-world range of 315 km, this means that the Zoe can go approximately six days in between charges.

The Zoe is one of the fastest charging EV and takes under three hours for a full charge.

For those who do not have the luxury of a charging station at your doorstep, there are currently 12 public charging stations under the Greenlots network, but this number will soon increase significantly.

SP Group announced plans to build 500 EV charging points by 2020. These will be spread out islandwide across residential estates, shopping malls, industrial sites and business parks. It will be the largest public network and more than one-fifth of the points will be of the fast-charging type, which can fully charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes.

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By motoring expert, Lynn Tan.

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