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off peak car

Off-peak car. When is an OPC the smart option?

An Off Peak Car (OPC) is a smart, cost-cutting option that bring motoring expenses right down. Your easy guide to OPCs.

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tailgating in singapore

Tailgaters in Singapore. Dangers and how to deal with them

Tailgating in Singapore could land you in court and lead to a driving ban with thousands of dollars in fines if a serious collision occurs as a result. We reveal the dangers and how to deal with them safely

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee. Another huge American personality?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee – what’s it all about? Car guru Ben Chia investigates

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driving in flip-flops

Top 3 dangers of driving in flip-flops

We love flip-flops in sunny Singapore but don’t wear them whilst driving. Top 3 dangers revealed.

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3 hacks for common car troubles

What To Do If… 3 hacks for common car troubles

Being prepared is half the victory. Advice for common car troubles

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car accidents in singapore

Worst car accidents in Singapore involving dangerous driving.

Some of the worst car accidents in Singapore have involved dangerous driving. What can we learn from this type of crash?

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