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Buying a parallel import. Is it worth it, and why?

Buying a parallel import. Is it worth it, and why?

All you need to know about buying a parallel import.

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Car modifications and how they impact your car insurance

Car modifications and how they impact your car insurance

Expert advice about car modifications and accessories and how they might affect your car insurance.

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Top cheap cars to insure. Expert tips

Here’s a rundown of Singapore’s top cheap cars to insure.

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Car Park Singapore

Free and cheap parking. The ultimate list

Top places to find free and cheap parking in Singapore

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driving with medical conditions

All you need to know about driving when suffering from medical conditions

Many motorists continue to drive even when they have medical conditions. However, in order to be a responsible driver you should make sure it is legal and safe for you to do so.

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compare car insurance

Compare car insurance. Which is right for you?

With the different types of car insurance available, which type should you choose? Find out more about the options you have when it comes to protecting yourself and your vehicle

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budget direct office

Singapore’s most affordable car insurance 2019

Singapore’s most affordable car insurance company? Budget Direct Insurance. It’s official.

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Toyota Corolla Altis

Best cars for COE renewals

As more Singaporeans renew their COEs, we ask which cars stand the test of time? Which cars make the best investment over time? Find out more.

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buying used cars

Used cars in Singapore. Where to buy and why

Buying a used car in Singapore can give you a headache. We’re here to help. Find out the best places to buy depending on your needs and budget.

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private settlement after an accident

When should you do a private settlement after an accident?

In most cases, when you get into an accident you would want to file a claim with your insurer. But there are times when it may be wiser to opt for a private settlement

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vehicle emissions

Making sense of vehicle emissions tests

Vehicle emissions tests. More acronyms, more changes and even more confusion. Here we try to make sense of the new testing procedures and how they will impact motorists in Singapore.

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motoring penalties

New harsher motoring penalties for irresponsible drivers

Increased fines and penalties for motorists in Singapore caught driving irresponsibly. Find out what this means.

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speeding offences

Speeding offences and their penalties in Singapore

The Traffic Police in Singapore has introduced new speed cameras and enhanced penalties to curb speeding

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Spot Motor Insurance Fraud

How to spot motor insurance fraud

There’s up to $10,000 reward money being offered if you report insurance fraud. But how do you spot insurance fraud? Find out what to look out for.

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Road Tax Singapore

Road Tax Singapore. All you need to know

Renewing your road tax in Singapore is a simple affair. Here we tell you all you need to know about it. Learn about the pre-requisites to doing it as well

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