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car accident

Will being involved in a car accident increase your premiums?

Most people think that being involved in a car accident can lead to a hefty increase in your car insurance premiums. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

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make car insurance claim

What you need to do to make a car insurance claim in Singapore

Find out all you need to know after a road accident and the process involved in making a car insurance claim in Singapore. Your expert guide.

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renew your COE

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) renewal. A handy guide

It is worth renewing your COE? Find out what you will save by renewing your COE instead of buying a new or used car. Plus, how to renew your COE.

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car authorised workshops

What are authorised workshops? Can you choose your own?

As an insurance company, it’s our job to help you buy the right car insurance. You want to know more about authorised workshops – we answer

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your car warning lights

Car warning lights. Guide for Singapore motorists

Car warning symbols explained for drivers on the roads in Singapore. Find out what they are and what to do when these cryptic warning symbols come on (stay lit and won’t go away.)

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owning car insurance singapore

How much does it cost to own a car in Singapore in 2019?

What are the costs of owning a car in Singapore in 2019? We do a full breakdown of all the costs involved including buying a new motor and the yearly running costs such as petrol and road tax. Get the full details.

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car resale value

How to increase your car’s resale value. Expert tips

Keeping your car in good condition can increase its resale value by up to 20%. Here are some expert tips on how to get top dollar for your used car in Singapore.

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traffic rules

Why do Singaporeans flout traffic rules?

While generally law-abiding, Singaporeans seem to be taking road safety for granted. According to a survey, they appear to seize any opportunity to violate traffic rules

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accident with a foreign motorist

How does COE open bidding work? Your handy guide.

Does the thought of bidding for your own motor’s COE fill you with dread? Yes, we get it but it’s not as difficult as you may think.

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Renault Zoe

Unsure about electric? The Renault Zoe may change your mind

We all know electric cars are the future but we also have valid concerns about reliability, battery lifespan and access to charging points. But one car might just be the nudge we need. Check out the new Renault Zoe.

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car insurance premiums

How is car insurance calculated?

You may be confused as to how car insurers calculate the cost of your premium. We look at some common factors insurance companies use to set the cost of your car insurance.

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car stolen

Singaporean neighbourhoods with the most crime

We look at Singapore’s safest neighbourhoods plus the country’s most crime prone areas including those where you’re most likely to get your car stolen.

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certificate of entitlement

What is a Certificate of Entitlement (COE)?

Acronyms such as COE, VQS and PQP can be mind boggling. Here is an easy guide to help make sense of the basics of your Ceritificate of Entitlement (COE).

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Hyundai i30

Hatchback, wagon or fastback? Find your Hyundai i30 match.

The third generation Hyundai i30 range debuted in Singapore with the five-door hatchback variant, and is now joined by a wagon and most recently, a fastback coupe. Which one is right for you? Expert tips.

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E-scooter accidents

E-scooter accidents. Jaw-dropping footage caught on dashcam.

E-scooters are driving Singapore motorists and pedestrians round the bend. But it is hoped that new tighter regulations will see an improvement on our roads. Here is some jaw-dropping footage of e-scooter accidents caught on dashcam.

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