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dangers of driving abroad

Understanding the real dangers of driving abroad.

A full safety checklist for Singaporeans driving overseas.

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Off-Peak Cars

Dangers of driving in the dark in Singapore and how to stay safe.

Singapore may be well-known for its high-octane Formula 1 Night Race, but for the regular motorist driving at night is not without its own special risks.

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caught on dashcam

Dashcam videos to restore your faith in Singapore motorists

Check out these inspiring dashcam videos of Singapore drivers doing good deeds that will help to restore your faith in humanity. Do send us your own dashcam videos too.

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distracted driving

Distracted driving. The cost and 6 ways to stay safe

How to avoid distractions whilst driving. Stay safe with Budget Direct Insurance

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car insurance flood damage

Warning! Check your car insurance. Does it cover flood damage?

This might surprise you about car insurance and flood damage in Singapore. Get the facts here.

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common car accidents

Most common car accidents in Singapore.

These are the most common car accidents on Singapore roads. But does your motor insurance cover you? Get the facts.

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driving your dog wild

Drive your dog wild! 5 dog walks in Singapore

Drive your dog to the best walking spots in Singapore. Here are 5 of the best places for dog walks on the Little Red Dot.

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Dogs in cars. Six minutes is all it takes.

Dogs in cars. Warning! Six minutes is all it takes…

Don’t leave your dog in a hot car. Six minutes makes all the difference. Here’s how hot it can get in a car and expert help on how to protect your pet.

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change a tyre

Don’t be deflated! Easy steps to change a tyre

Want to save more money on your car? Tyre tips to keep you rolling.

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Don’t buy your car insurance before you’ve read this!

Don’t buy your car insurance before you’ve read this!

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singapore tunnel

Drive safe in Singapore’s tunnels. Here’s what you need to know

Useful tips for Singaporean motorists faced with an emergency in a tunnel. From a car crash and breaking down, to running out of petrol. Here’s what you need to know.

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driving in flash floods

Driving in flash floods. Hot spots in Singapore and safety tips

Want to know which roads in Singapore experience the worst flash floods? Plus expert tips on how to handle your motor in a flood. Everything you need to stay safe.

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driving over the border

Driving over the border. What you need to know

Some car owners can be anxious about driving over the border because they are unsure what to do if they break down or have an accident. Budget Direct Insurance has it covered.

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easiest cars to park in singapore

The Easiest Cars to Park in Singapore

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Top 5 easiest cars to park in Singapore.

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E-scooter accidents

E-scooter accidents. Jaw-dropping footage caught on dashcam.

E-scooters are driving Singapore motorists and pedestrians round the bend. But it is hoped that new tighter regulations will see an improvement on our roads. Here is some jaw-dropping footage of e-scooter accidents caught on dashcam.

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