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caught driving without car insurance

What happens if you get caught driving without car insurance

What are the penalties for driving without car insurance in Singapore? Is it worth risking? Find out what happens if you’re caught out.

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Toyota vs Honda

Toyota v Honda. Same price but which one should you buy?

The Toyota and Honda are Singaporeans favourite car makes according to a new report. Find out how much they cost to buy including car insurance. Plus get expert tips on which one you should choose.

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Toyota Vios vs Honda Jazz

Between the Toyota Vios and Honda Jazz, which is worth buying?

Which is better value for money between the Toyota Vios and the Honda Jazz in Singapore? Which one should you choose? Get expert advice.

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monsoon season singapore

How to care for your car in rainy Singapore | Car Insurance

Prep your car before Singapore’s monsoon season begins. Expert tips. Plus find out where the latest flooding prone hotspots are.

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Skoda Kodiaq

Can simple also be smart? Ask the Skoda Kodiaq.

The Skoda Kodiaq in Singapore. Should you buy one? Get honest car reviews from Budget Direct Insurance.

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Preventing hot car deaths in Singapore

Preventing hot car deaths in Singapore. What you need to know

Leaving a child or pet in the car, either out of negligence or for the sake of convenience, can be potentially fatal. This is because of the dangers posed by heatstroke and suffocation.

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C-HR a Toyota

Is the C-HR a Toyota quite unlike any other? Find out.

The C-HR a Toyota. Should you buy one in Singapore? Honest car reviews from Budget Direct Insurance. We tell it like it is.

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new car

Go easy on your new car. Expert tips.

Your new car needs lots of tender loving care. Go easy. Afterall, it cost you a small fortune. Here’s what you need to know to get the best from your new car.

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car insurance for married drivers

Is car insurance cheaper if you’re married?

If you are married or in a domestic partnership, do let your car insurance company know about it. By revealing this, you may be able to obtain lower premiums on your car insurance policy.

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Buying a used car in Singapore

Buying a used car | Tell-tale signs it’s been in an accident

When it comes to buying a secondhand car in Singapore you want to make sure it’s not been involved in a previous accident. But what are the signs to look out for? Find out.

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Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore

Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore. Find out why.

Women in Singapore are safer drivers than men. And there’s no disputing the facts and figures that show women have fewer accidents. It means they pay less for car insurance too.

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premium petrol singapore

Is premium petrol worth the price?

Premium petrol is expensive in Singapore. Find out if your car really needs it. Expert motoring tips from Budget Direct Insurance.

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car insurance how easy to switch

Is it easy to switch to a better deal car insurance?

Want to switch car insurers and get a better deal? Steps to take when you decide to switch to a different car insurer.

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Smoking in your car

Smoking in your car. Is it allowed in Singapore?

Smoking in cars. What is the law in Singapore? And what are the dangers? Budget Direct Insurance answers your questions and clears the air.

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best electric cars singapore

Is it worth switching to an electric car?

The best electric cars in Singapore. Is it time to come clean and go electric? Save the planet and your cash. Find out more.

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