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3 Tips on Buying a Used Car in Singapore | Budget Direct

Buying a used car online in Singapore? Find out about the tricks of the trade and how to protect your investment when buying a used car. Get expert tips here.

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car accidents in singapore

Learn From Worst Car Accidents in Singapore | Budget Direct

Some of the worst car accidents in Singapore have involved dangerous driving. What can we learn from this type of crash?

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5 car fluid checks

5 Car Fluid Checks to Keep Bills Down | Budget Direct

Want to save more money on your car? Car fluid checks to keep you on the road. Expert car maintenance tips from Budget Direct Insurance. Find out more.

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Off-Peak Cars

Safety Tips to Driving in the Dark | Budget Direct

Singapore may be well-known for its high-octane Formula 1 Night Race, but for the regular motorist driving at night is not without its own special risks.

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nissan pusar

Nissan Pulsar Review By Car Guru Ben Chia | Budget Direct

We road test the Nissan Pulsar – what's it all about? Here’s an honest road test review from the car experts at Budget Direct Insurance. Find out more.

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Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage Reviews | Budget Direct

Is the Mitsubishi Attrage the new Lancer? Not exactly, but as an everyday car, the Attrage has its appeal. Here’s an honest road test.

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International driving permit

International Driving Permit Questions | Budget Direct

Singaporeans motoring overseas. Do you need an international driving permit? Get expert advice from the motoring team at Budget Direct Insurance

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Car Pooling in Singapore

6 Facts About Carpooling in Singapore | Budget Direct

All your questions about carpooling in Singapore answered, including car insurance matters and LTA guidelines. Get all the facts here.

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Toyota Vios vs Honda Jazz

Toyota Vios or Honda Jazz? | Budget Direct

Which is better value for money between the Toyota Vios and the Honda Jazz in Singapore? Which one should you choose? Get expert advice.

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Vehicle Inspections. Get the full facts

What to Know About Car Inspections | Budget Direct

Quick guide on vehicle inspections in Singapore. Facts on how to prepare for a car inspection, how long a vehicle inspection takes, how much it costs and more!

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Free shopping vouchers. Great discounts.Refer a friend today!

Get e-Shopping Vouchers When You Refer a Friend | Budget Direct

It’s fun to share with friends. Whether it’s sharing a meal or food pictures or relationship status updates on social media. At Budget Direct Insurance we like to give e-shopping vouchers to say THANK YOU for sharing a good deal and referring your friends to us.

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make car insurance claim

10 Steps on How To Make a Car Insurance Claim | Budget Direct

Find out all you need to know after a road accident and the process involved in making a car insurance claim in Singapore. Your expert guide.

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car insurance flood damage

Is Your Car Covered For Flood Damage? | Budget Direct

This might surprise you about car insurance and flood damage in Singapore. Get the facts here.

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The Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme and your general insurance policy explained

Your General Insurance Policy Explained | Budget Direct

What happens when an insurance company fails or goes bust? Who picks up the pieces? Get answers to tough questions here.

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Get a Super Speedy, Easy and More Secure Car Insurance Quote Using Myinfo via Singpass

Access our website via Singpass and Myinfo and experience a faster and easier online car insurance purchase experience. Click here to find out more.

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