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NEW! Quick and Easy Way to Renew Your Motor Insurance

Making Your Insurance Smoother & More Secure | Budget Direct

CEO message: We’re introducing more digital enhancements to help simplify your insurance. Here’s how.

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Let’s fight online fraud together

Stay safe. Let’s fight online fraud together.

As you will be aware there has been a rise in scams and phishing attempts across Singapore.

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Beware of Car Insurance Touters

Beware of Car Insurance Touters

Read our tips on what you can do to protect yourself from car insurance accident claim touters so you don't fall prey to these unscrupulous fraudsters.

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Rethinking Road Safety: A Collective Responsibility

Let's always remember that safety begins with each of us. By working together, we can genuinely make a difference in ensuring a safe journey for everyone.

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Can Car Dealers' Void Warranties? | Budget Direct

Learn more about your car warranty and what happens if you choose not to use the dealer's or agent's authorised workshops and opt for an independent workshop.

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Why do so many parents let their children travel in cars without a proper restraint?

Many parents don't use child car restraints. Why?

Find out why do so many parents fail to use child car restraints (CCRs) such as car-seats or boosters, and put the lives of children at risk?

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Why the discretionary right turn has to go

Why The Discretionary Right Turn Has To Go

Read our CEO's message supporting Singapore's Road Safety Month in June 2020, reminding all motorists to pay attention when making discretionary right turns

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