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motorbike COE

Renewing your motorcycle COE. Expert tips.

Motorcyclists in Singapore have not had a great time of things of late, with both increased taxes and soaring COE premiums adding to the costs of two-wheeled transport.

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singapore biles forum

High cost of motorcycling in Singapore. What to do? Read on.

Let’s face it; motorcyclists in Singapore have had a relatively affordable ride until recently. So what’s changed? And what can motorcyclists do about it?

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best motorbike gear singapore

Be seen! What should Singapore motorcyclists be wearing? Find out.

At Budget Direct Insurance we like to focus on money-saving tips. But when it comes to motorcycle gear we decided that it’s okay to splurge a little when it comes to combining style and safety.

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motorbike brakes

Signs your motorbike brakes are on the way out

Motorcycles have come a long way from the early days of drum brakes: the stopping technology of the time was horribly prone to fading when hot; and offered heart-stopping moments when water in the linings meant no braking power at all.

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googlemaps for singapore motorcylists

New Google maps for Singapore motorcyclists

Motorcyclists who have lost their way need fret no longer. They can refer to the new motorbike mode instead.

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motorcycle in the rain

Motorcycling in a Singapore downpour. Expert safety tips.

Staying safe on your motorcycle in Singapore is always a challenge. And wet roads pose challenges of their own. Here’s what to watch out for:

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best motorcycle road trips for Singaporeans

Biking over the border for fun. What you need to know

Sooner or later every motorcyclist feels the need for a journey though the countryside. When Sungei Buloh is no longer enough, here are a few suggestions for a great Malaysian road trip.

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motorcycle cleaning tips

Singapore motorbikers! Keep your machine clean with these top hacks.

Some motorcyclists actually enjoy the process of cleaning their bikes, while for others it is nothing but a messy chore.

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motorbike license in singapore

Quick guide to getting your motorbike license in Singapore.

So, you fancy getting out on the roads on two wheels? Here’s how.
Officially, if you’re over 18 and are fit to drive, all you need to do to get your first Class 2B licence (for motorcycles 200cc and lower) is the following..

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Buying the right motorcycle helmet for you. Expert tips.

There’s an old saying in the motorcycle world: If you’ve got a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet. The plastic buckets that are commonly seen around the region are not legal here thanks to legislation..

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motprcucle second hand

Do your homework before buying a motorbike.

A little homework and some careful deliberation before buying will make your motorcycling experience a joy.

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motorcycle accident

How to claim on your motorcycle insurance. Full details.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

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riding safety

Ride Safe. 10 top motorcycle safety tips.

In case the worst happens you need proper protection. Wear a quality helmet and fasten it properly. You also need gloves, boots and protective outerwear. Yes, even in hot and humid Singapore. You hope you don’t need them, but it’s too late to start thinking about it when you do

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two up

Two-Up. Safety tips for pillion passengers in Singapore

Surprisingly in tightly-regulated Singapore, statutes regarding the carriage of pillions on motorcycles are sparse.

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end of free ride

End of the Free Ride

Okay, despite the headline here, motorcyclists have hardly been enjoying a free ride. But until recently COE premiums for motorcyclists were only painful, rather than debilitating, and the tax regime was decidedly friendly compared with other forms of transport.

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