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New Google maps for Singapore motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists who have lost their way need fret no longer. They can refer to the new motorbike mode instead.

Launched on Google Maps, this feature will help motorcyclists navigate their routes better. It works to reveal the most efficient route possible, also showing the roads which are restricted for motorcycles.

Google Maps will base some of its directions on landmarks and buildings to make navigation easier, especially since looking at a map while driving is near impossible for motorcycle riders. Riders can then orient themselves, and memorise their routes more easily before they set off on their journey.

Previously, motorbike riders had to do mental calculations to estimate their arrival times based on a combination of walking and driving routes. They no longer need to do this with the new feature as the app will deliver more accurate times based on motorbike speeds which are different from cars. As it is with the driving mode, the accuracy of the motorcycle mode’s time and travel estimation improves the more people use it.

The app was first rolled out in India last December but is now available in Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore.

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