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Electric cars. Is Singapore in the race? Find out

Electric cars. Is Singapore in the race? Find out

The race is on to establish Singapore as a world-leading electric vehicle manufacturing hub.

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Up to $10,000 reward to report car and travel insurance fraud

Up to $10,000 reward to report car and travel insurance fraud

The GIA Insurance Fraud Tip-off (Gift) scheme will pay out up to $10,000 if you report an insurance fraud case that leads to successful prosecution and conviction of offenders. Find out more.

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excellent customer reviews

We got GOLD! Trusted Service Award

The team at Budget Direct Insurance is celebrating after receiving a top industry award for getting consistently excellent customer reviews… for the second year running.

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COE reduction

Compare new car prices in Singapore after latest COE reduction

Current decrease in COE prices means Singaporeans will pay less for a new car. How much will it cost you to buy that new dream motor now? Full listing here.

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5 ways to a cooler, easier life in Singapore

Save online. 5 ways to a cooler, easier life in Singapore

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. That’s one reason Singaporeans are such go-getters. 5 online ways to a cooler, easier life in Singapore

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parking-related offences in Singapore

New Singapore hotline makes it easier to report parking offences

New common hotline for reporting parking-related offences in Singapore. Motorists can now easily report other drivers for parking offences including parking illegally, not displaying coupons and non-activation of digital parking sessions.

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bugatti lego

The perfect father’s day gift for Singaporean dads

Ever wanted your own Bugatti but can’t afford the price tag? Read on. We have the perfect solution. It would make a great Father’s day gift too.

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geylang ramadan

The Noob guide to Ramadan in Singapore

What's so special about this year's Geylang Ramadan Bazaar in Singapore? Get the inside track. Plus all the latest on what to do, what to wear and more importantly what to eat!

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driving offences singapore

Traffic fines in Singapore are on the rise.

Traffic fines in Singapore are on the increase. Don’t get caught out. Find out what the penalties are for common driving offences. Are they a good enough deterrent?

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Malaysia border security

Malaysia border security. Advice on new measures

New Malaysia border security checks for motorists and passengers as part of stricter security at Singapore’s checkpoints.

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car dealer scam

Uber cars for sale, new ride-hailing service and car dealer scam

Motoring news from Singapore and around the world. From secondhand car dealer scams, Uber cars up for sale, Go-Jek in Singapore and driver fined for looking at Apple watch. Get all the latest here.

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tech sg parking

Tech is transforming Singapore’s parking schemes. Find out how.

No more season parking tags or carpark tailgaters. Get the latest news on how tech is transforming Singapore’s parking schemes.

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vehicle pollution

Singapore Gets Tough On Vehicle Pollution

Singapore gets tough on vehicle pollution. Find out what this means for car and motorcycle owners.

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bank angbao cash

Best times to bank your Ang Bao cash

Guide to the best times to bank in your Ang Bao money. Advice from Budget Direct Insurance

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singapore gp

Die-hard Singapore GP fan? How to get access all areas

Die-hard F1 fans don’t watch from the sidelines, you will find them in the pit lane. An avid F1 fan from Singapore’s number one car site, sgcarmart.com, has all the news.

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