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International Proposal Day Worst proposals ever and how to get it right

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So Valentine's Day passed you by and, maybe, your courage failed when it came to asking your loved one the BIG question.

But hold on there, thanks to the proliferation of weird international theme days, another opportunity is just around the corner. Yes, Monday March 20 is International Proposal Day! 

In our last post we found a bunch of romantic places around Singapore to set the scene, now you just need to know what to do, and what not to do once you’re headed towards that life-changing moment.

Your proposal – how to get it right

  1. Let her decide on the ring. It is not compulsory for you to have a ring to propose. She will hopefully be wearing it for the rest of her days so it needs to be right! 
  2. Talk to the parents? Tricky one, tradition still runs deep in Singapore but give your plans away and the element of surprise may disappear. Only you can decide if speaking to the folks is a must or seeing them after would be ok.
  3. Getting down on one knee is still a hit with lots of women. Decide if this might embarrass her if done in front of strangers in a restaurant or if it would be better at a romantic spot. If so, choose somewhere you are alone.
  4. Think about your partner’s personality. Would she (or he?) really like a big fanfare at Changi airport, a big gesture at the movies or an announcement on a plane? Risky strategies can work out but more often than not they fall flat on their face.
  5. Think about what you are going to say. There still needs to be an element of surprise so don’t script it all and regurgitate it like a robot! It needs to be sincere.

Proposals to avoid

  1. Don’t mix food and the ring. Hiding an expensive and beautiful piece of jewelry in food never works! 
  2. Don’t ask her on the radio. It sounds lame and she or he will feel pressure to say yes.
  3. Don’t say shall we get a flat together? as a euphemism for asking her to marry you. Or phrases like we been together a long time, why don’t we get married? Or I don’t think we’ll both do better so let’s get married. Romantic and sincere works every time. 
  4. Never ask him or her via social media – eye contact and being present is a must! 

Worst proposals ever

Check out these embarrassing marriage proposals online  – take solace, you really can’t do any worse than this! 

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