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Save Online. Four more reasons the internet is cheaper, or free

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Fear is not always a bad thing. If we stop to think about it, even getting out of bed in the morning has a risk attached. But what is life without risk? If you get too caught up in the ‘what ifs’, you can miss out some really cool adventures.

Yes, it’s great to be prepared, to plan ahead but we also need to be open to finding better ways of doing things. In Singapore we are better than most at trying new things, and because we are tech-literate we like using the internet to get stuff done.

Here’s a visual aid to demonstrate:


The internet is an amazing resource for things we have to do and things we want to do. You can sell your own house, create a funky website, meet new friends, save on insurance. And that’s just the start.

The team at Budget Direct Insurance is all about finding easy ways to do things better. Here are four ideas to inspire you and help you save online.

1. Sell or buy a house without paying an agent

Agents cost money. It’s a known fact that property agents charge you between 1% to 2% of the price of your home when they help you sell or buy. That’s serious money.

In the past, if you went the non-agent route you would have relied on a classified ad in a crowded newspaper, or putting up your own homemade sign. Slow and ineffective. Not so today!

Today, it’s normal to sell your HDB apartment yourself. Singaporeans benefit from a number of tried and tested online portals to buy and sell. You are completely in control of the process and you save thousands of dollars.

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2. Create your own funky website or blog

In the old days, you needed a Masters in coding to create a half decent website. Or an expensive designer. Now, even good old Wordpress is facing stiff competition from upstarts like, which is fast, incredibly easy to use and offers a very cool range of free add ons.

If you want to build a website that allows people to order and buy, or you are looking to create your own special interest forum, you do not need to pay big bucks for a designer. even offers quick tech support if you get stuck.

Check this out – visual beauty + advanced technology = your stunning website and/or blog. It’s easy and free - choose your theme, pick a domain, select a plan, and start building your future. Loved by bloggers around the world - create a high-quality website, blog or online store. Over 40 million users to date

3. Meet new people

Nowhere has the internet changed anything more profoundly than the way we socialize. Remember life before Facebook? Some of us have memories of the family phone that was firmly plugged into the wall in a hallway, or worse, the sitting room. The perfect opportunity for literally everyone to listen to your private conversation with a friend or romantic interest! It’s a wonder we survived.

If keeping up with the mundane aspects of your friends’ lives via Facebook leaves you wanting more, there is a world of adventure to be had. Maybe you are looking for a group that shares your passion for food, windsurfing, photography or futsal? Perhaps you want to travel and connect with locals? Whatever your passion, there is a group out there just for you.

Find your next great adventure here - create or find a group doing more of what matters to you. Meet people near you who share your interests – over 1,000 things to do, and amazing food experiences with locals worldwide - connects you to great home restaurants in a city of your choice. Yum! – personal assistance and concierge services from local people to travelers. Your own personal fixer to smooth the way.

4. Save on insurance – buy direct

Buying insurance online is a no-brainer. It’s quicker, cheaper and it works just as well or even better than doing what your family has always done. Here are simple equations.

Insurance + middle man + commission = expensive + complicated

Insurance + online direct = cheaper + quicker

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