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Singapore motoring news. Uber cars for sale, new ride-hailing service, and second-hand car dealer scam.

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Go-Jek to enter Singapore

Those living in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines can look forward to a new ride-hailing service when Go-Jek moves into these countries.

The Indonesian start-up has plans to enter these markets in the next four months and will invest US$500 million to make its endeavour a reality. The new service will give consumers more choice as well as pose a competition to Singapore-based Grab. 

Second-hand car dealer scam

Some second-hand car dealers have been advertising their cars online as theirs.

They do this to avoid warranty obligations under the “lemon law”. The law requires second-hand car dealers to provide a six-month warranty to cover the cars they sell, which is not required in direct transactions. This allows them to earn more.

They are also able to avoid paying the goods and services tax.

Furthermore, it helps facilitate car sales as buyers are more amenable towards direct sellers and will not attempt to offer an unrealistically low price.

Uber cars for sale

Soon after the Uber app was switched off, the company’s  unhired cars started being sold on the used car market.

Largely Mazda3 sedans and Honda Vezel crossovers, the cars are being sold at $10,000-$20,000 below the market price. These cars, which were bought by Uber-owned Lion City Rentals last year, are enjoying brisk sales.

However, industry players are concerned that flooding the market with a large fleet of unused cars could disrupt the used car market.

What’s happening in the rest of the world

Saudi women get to drive

Women in Saudi Arabia have been issued with driving licences for the first time in decades, following the lifting of a  driving ban on women.  The move is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s initiative to open up Saudi society.

Using Smartwatch while driving

A student was fined for consulting her Apple smartwatch while waiting at traffic lights in Canada. The court ruled that she had broken the country’s distracted driving law.

She is not the first Canadian to be issued a ticket for violating this law. In 2015, a Quebec man was also fined for being distracted by gazing at his Apple smartwatch while driving. 


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