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Singapore Safety alert Backless booster seats set to be banned for small children

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The United Nations, which sets safety standards for car seats, believes boosters are no longer safe enough for small children.

This is partly because the child has little protection from the back and sides during a collision and backless booster seats are also less securely anchored.

It is not yet known when the new regulations will be introduced here in Singapore. In other parts of the world, including Europe, it is expected that the ban will be enforced over the coming months.

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Backless booster seat

What does the ban mean?

  1. The UN has stated that all backless boosters made in the future will be restricted to children weighing more than 22kg and 125cms tall in line with a typical six year-old.
  2. At the moment parents can use backless booster seats for children who weigh 15kg and above usually about 3years and above.
  3. Once the regulations are enforced manufacturers will be banned from making such products for children this young.
  4. The new legislation is designed to ensure that manufacturers stop producing booster seats for smaller children. Experts believe that toddlers should use high-backed child seats as long as possible.

The team at Budget Direct Insurance is keen to alert parents to the new UN recommendations so they can make informed choices when using a booster or when buying a new one.

Meanwhile, parents will have to wait and see when the new regulations will be introduced here and what it all means for Singapore. We will keep you updated.

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