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Singaporeans reduce mobile data costs

Mobile data. Clever ways to cut costs in Singapore.

Find out about Singaporeans and their handphones plus get top tips on how to reduce your mobile data costs.

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petrol deals

What can you do about rising petrol prices? Read on.

Get expert tips on real ways to significantly reduce your petrol costs to manage the rise in petrol prices.

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year 2017

How does Singapore Budget 2017 affect you? 2 minute guide

Read our 2 minute guide on managing your finances with the recent Singapore Budget 2017 news of increased prices for water, luxury motorcycles and diesel.

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gym membership

How much is it going to cost you to get fit in 2019?

Get the lowdown on the membership costs of gyms and fitness centres and start your fitness journey to keeping fit at a lower cost.

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save on groceries

Budget Singapore. Best ways to save on groceries

Find out best ways to save on groceries as grocery shopping in Singapore can be pretty pricey.

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ang bao cash 2019

Best times to bank your Ang Bao cash in 2019!

Guide to the best times to bank in your Ang Bao money for 2019. Expert advice from Budget Direct Insurance..

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Borrowing from a pawnshop. What you need to know.

At Budget Direct we're keen to help your dollar stretch further. But what happens when you're really cash-strapped? Should you consider Pawnshop loans?

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domestic helper

Building a positive relationship with your domestic helper

Happy helper equals happy home. What does it take to build a better relationship with your domestic helper? Get all the facts and more here

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Hiring a domestic helper? 
Your step-by-step guide

Hiring a domestic helper is a significant decision. Here is your step-by-step guide to getting it right.

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insurance myths vs reality

#NoNonsense insurance. Top 3 insurance myths vs reality

The best way to save on insurance? Don’t believe the hype. No nonsense car, motorcycle and travel insuance with Budget Direct Insurance. Get expert advice here

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Happy Hour in Singapore

On a Budget? Insider tips for Happy Hour in Singapore Part 2

Celebrate your Friday with Happy Hour deals in Singapore. Tips from Budget Direct Insurance

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happy hour in singapore

Budget Singapore. Insider tips for Happy Hour in Singapore

Save money on Happy Hour in Singapore. Tips from Budget Direct Insurance

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best things in life for free

Budget Singapore. Giving the best things in life, for free

The best things in life shouldn’t cost the earth. Save on the good stuff with Budget Direct Insurance.

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home furnitures

Budget Singapore. Make home beautiful and save money

At Budget Direct Insurance we're keen to help your dollar stretch further. Read our tips on creative ways to help you save money on your home

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save on clothes

Budget Singapore. Best ways to save on clothes

At Budget Direct Insurance we are keen to help your household budget go further. Read our expert tips on how to save money on clothes. Find out more

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